Katy Perry Criticizes <i>The Sun</i>'s "Journalistic" Approach

Katy Perry has hit out at accusations from The Sun that a 2005 promotional photo, in which she poses with a switchblade, has caused critics to proclaim her "out of her mind" and "glamorizing knives." While my reaction was that they should be talking to Angelina Jolie about that (seriously), Katy Perry merely released a photo on her blog with her posing with a large silver spoon and a statement that reads:

"But I DO condone eating ice cream with a very large spoon.Dear Sun:You deserve a time out. Your "journalistic" approach has half the soul of the National Enquirer. Shame on you."

Well, that is something that we can all agree on (not supporting knife violence, eating treats), although I am also inclined to give The Sun props for digging this gem up.

I don't think Katy Perry was eating this kind of ice cream. That's when we need to put the large spoon down.