Bru Luccas Almost Spills Out Of Barely-There Bikini In A Rooftop Swimming Pool

Bru Luccas snaps a mirror selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Brazilian fitness model Bru Luccas delighted her 3.4 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Sunday afternoon. The stunning brunette flaunted her insane physique in a series of short video clips in which she hung out in a luxurious swimming pool and enjoyed a refreshing beverage. The post was viewed more than 40,000 times within the first hour after it was uploaded.

Bru showed off her curves wearing a bikini with a remarkably snug top and suggested in the caption that she only required the basic creature comforts of sunshine, water to play in, and a delicious energy drink.

Her bathing suit featured a lightly ribbed fabric in a dusty rose color that beautifully complimented her olive complexion. The top was a single horizontal panel of fabric that stretched over her voluptuous bust, with narrow straps over both shoulders and around her rib cage. The low scoop neckline barely contained her stunning assets.

The matching bottoms sat low around her hips, and a decorative metal ring on either side attached the straps to the body of the suit.

Bru’s impressive cleavage was mirrored by the distinct line of muscular definition running down her abdominal region toward her navel.

In the still image introducing the video, she was pictured facing the camera at the shallow end of a long swimming pool and ascending out of the water.

She stood on one leg on the first of a row of tile steps that ran entirely across the shallow end of the pool, with her other knee bent in front of her, mid-stride. Her thigh didn’t quite break the surface, but the rest of her body was on full display in the diffused sunlight.

Both arms were relaxed at her sides, fingers grazing the water that surrounded her.

Bru’s dark tresses were casually styled and flipped over to one side, framing her delicate features. It spilled over her right shoulder and some of the damp strands clung to the top of her breast, the rest blowing slightly in a gentle breeze.

She tipped her chin toward her chest and gazed downward with a soft smile on her face.

The song “Time Off” by professional composer Ian Post was the musical accompaniment to the post.

The background featured a series of navy lounge chairs lining the long sides of the cement deck. A few sets of low cocktail tables with matching chairs sat at the end. The entire scene was surrounded by tall glass panels that allowed one to see the extreme elevation of the rooftop patio.