Joe Montana Saves Grandchild From Alleged Kidnapping In His Own Home

Former NFL player Joe Montana speaks onstage during day 3 of SiriusXM at Super Bowl LIV on January 31, 2020 in Miami, Florida.
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NFL legend Joe Montana reportedly stopped a woman from attempting to kidnap his infant grandchild from his house located in Malibu, California, on Saturday night, according to the New York Post.

The incident, which occurred around 5 p.m., involved a 39-year-old female intruder grabbing the child out of the arms of another person who was holding the child at the time. According to a report from TMZ, the woman broke into the house through an unlocked door she found while canvasing the property.

Law enforcement released information that the intruder then ran into a separate wing of the house after taking the child, where she was unexpectedly met by Joe and his wife, Jennifer Montana. The couple was able to get their grandchild away from the woman, after tussling with the criminal momentarily.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were able to promptly respond to the matter because they were handling an unrelated matter near the Hall of Famer’s home and were flagged down by someone who witnessed the attempted kidnapping.

The female who was suspected to be at fault was taken into custody after being found only a few blocks away from where the alleged kidnapping took place. The suspect has been charged with counts of kidnapping as well as burglary. The motive behind the suspect’s actions has not been confirmed.

Despite the potential danger the incident brought forth, the child was said to be safe and did not sustain any injuries.

Joe Montana attends the FanDuel Fantasy Golf Classic on July 11, 2017 in New York City.
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Shortly after the news report was released, the story quickly began trending on Twitter. Many of Joe’s fans were shocked by the story, as well as the bravery the former 49ers quarterback displayed to protect his grandchild.

“It’s official he’s the GOAT,” one person tweeted.

“Much respect to Mr. Montana,” another fan remarked.

“As if his Legend status could get any higher,” a third person stated.

Most of the comments about the situation came from people that expressed how thankful they were that no one was seriously hurt and that Joe was able to prevent the intruder from successfully getting away with the crime.

Some fans read the news report and spun it into a more positive light, as they joked that Joe was able to make an important defensive play despite the fact that he played the quarterback position his entire career.

No member of the family that was involved in the incident has made a statement to a news outlet.