Fox Sports Host Holly Sonders Poses With Pants Undone & Shows Off Sideboob In Revealing Bodysuit

Holly Sonders waives after throwing out a ceremonial first pitch as the Tampa Bay Rays host the Texas Rangers
Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images

Holly Sonders shared the steamy photo with her Instagram followers on Saturday in which she cozied up to her fiance for a magazine shoot.

The 33-year-old Fox Sports host was photographed with her future husband, 43-year-old sports handicapper “Vegas” Dave Oancea, for a Wingman Magazine story. He posed by straddling a divan with green velvet upholstery. He leaned against the elegantly curved back of the piece of furniture, and Holly laid back on his chest.

Dave rocked a crisp white dress shirt, which was completely unbuttoned. The collar was pulled up so that it almost touched his ears. He also wore a pair of black slacks and shiny black dress shoes. His dark hair was slicked back and shaved on the sides.

Holly’s sexy ensemble included a sleeveless cream-colored bodysuit that hugged her every curve. Her ample chest stretched out the generously-cut arm openings quite a bit, so she displayed a considerable amount of sideboob. The legs were also cut high to expose even more of her glowing tan skin. That’s where the visible skin ended though, as the rest of her legs were covered by a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans. The fitness model wore her skintight pants with the zipper fly undone. Her glossy dark hair was brushed back from her face.

Holly was barefoot, and the heel of her left foot rested on the divan’s cushion. Her fiance gazed at her while she turned her head to the side to look at the camera. She reached up to grasp his arm with her left hand, providing a glimpse of her massive diamond engagement ring. As her right hand rested on his knee his left hand cupped her breast.

The couple’s shared seat was positioned in front of green velvet curtains that were a few shades darker than the divan. In front of the dark backdrop, a set of tasseled gold brocade curtains had been pulled back and secured in place.

Holly used a geotag to identify the location of the couple’s shoot as their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. She also jokingly described Dave as a “model” in the caption of her post.

“When did he become a model instead of your Fiance? Not trying to be rude just curious,” one of Holly’s followers asked in the comments section.

“It’s a joke. If we weren’t together I wouldn’t be posting his *ss on my page,” Holly replied.

“My favorite picture of you two. It’s beautiful! Love the way he is looking at you!” read another message from an admirer.

“Love this pic of you two!” a third fan wrote.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Holly recently addressed rumors that she and her partner aren’t residing under the same roof because they’re on the rocks. The former Golf Channel host explained that they’re currently living apart for work-related reasons.