Kelsie Jean Smeby Pouts Her Lips Around Green Lollipop, Teases Fans About Getting A Taste

Selfie of Kelsie Jean Smeby
Kelsie Jean Smeby / Instagram

Instagram model Kelsie Jean Smeby got pulses racing with her most recent social media update on Saturday evening. The buxom brunette shared a pair of sizzling snaps of herself enjoying a sweet treat while she reclined in bed with a friend. Over 3,500 of her titillated fans hit the “like” button in the first hour after the post went live.

Kelsie wore a skintight mini dress that appeared to be made of lightly-ribbed, white cotton. It had a tank design and the short hem rose high on her thighs, barely covering her luscious derriere. The snug fit clung to all her curves, emphasizing her hourglass shape. She didn’t appear to be wearing anything beneath the skimpy outfit.

In the first image, Kelsie sat in the middle of a remarkably fluffy gray comforter atop a bed lined with a collection of square silver and white pillows at the head. She leaned back and supported her weight on her left arm, which was stretched out behind her. She cocked her hips and crossed her right leg over her left, exposing lots of bare, tanned skin.

In her left hand, she held the cardboard stick of a bright green sucker, which she placed halfway between her full lips. Kelsie’s cheeks were sucked in as she tasted the sweet treat, which beautifully accentuated her high cheekbones and strong jawline. She gazed directly at the camera with a smoldering expression.

Her adorable canine companion — a gray French bulldog — sat on the mattress next to her. His perky ears and attentive demeanor seemed to indicate that he was interested in sharing her lollipop.

In the second photo, both the dog and the treat had been removed, and Kelsie posed alone. She maintained almost exactly the same position but angled her body further onto one side. She parted her lips in a subtle smile and pierced the camera with her pale blue eyes.

Kelsie’s Instagram followers were eager to express their adoration for the stunning model, flooding the comments section almost immediately.

“This is everythingggg,” gushed one follower.

“Keep slayin’,” encouraged a second person, adding a black heart at the end.

“Breathtakingly gorgeous,” declared a third fan.

On Friday, The Inquisitr covered Kelsie’s recent post in which she posed wearing an elegant cocktail dress featuring a chocolate burnout velvet with rich, metallic accents. It had a multi-animal print and a revealing neckline, which she seductively tugged down to her midriff to expose nearly all of her bare breasts. To date, the post has received over 10,000 likes from devoted fans.