Demi Rose Flaunts Cleavage, Poses On Her Knees Wearing Unzipped Thong Bodysuit And Heels: ‘Meow’

Demi Rose attends the KISS Haunted House Party 2018.
John Phillips / Getty Images

Demi Rose Mawby took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon with her latest update, in which the famously curvy social media sensation struck a pair of coquettish poses that had her 14.7 million supporters begging for more. The post racked up 25,000 likes in less than an hour after it was uploaded.

The British model posed in a luxurious bedroom featuring a rich gray and white brocaded headboard with a dark wood panel across the top. The bed was dressed with crisp white sheets and flanked on either side by silver end tables and matching lamps with petite round shades.

In the first snap, Demi posed at the foot of the bed with both arms out to the side and her fingers running through her long, mahogany curls. She cocked one shapely hip and crossed her right thigh in front of her left, emphasizing her incredible hourglass figure.

She wore a long-sleeved light gray bodysuit featuring a zipper up the center, which the buxom brunette opened well below her curvaceous breasts to expose ample cleavage. She tagged the brand Fashion Nova for the outfit.

The second half of the racy post was a scintillating video embellished with a sparkle filter.

The still image introducing the clip captured Demi on the center of the bed with her legs together and folded beneath her body. She put her backside to the camera and balanced herself with her fingertips and outstretched arms. The back of the garment was a high-cut thong that rested nearly at her waist on either side, displaying almost all of her bare booty.

As the reel played, it became clear that she leaned forward slightly to maximize the view of her rear end, which swelled impressively above her translucent high heels. A bright light reflected from the heels onto the bottom of her derriere. Additionally, the shoes attracted a huge portion of the shimmering effect from the filter.

No less amazing was her hair, however. Demi’s deep brown tresses were brushed behind both shoulders and cascaded down the middle of her back, grazing the small triangle of fabric that rose up from between her cheeks. As the camera slowly panned closer and focus zoomed upward to center on her curls, they were dotted with a bevy of glittering lights.

Demi’s Instagram followers flooded her page with praise.

“This woman is fine af,” declared one fan.

At the time of this writing, six other admirers agreed with the comment.

“Stunningly gorgeous,” praised another user.