Vivi Castrillon Flaunts Booty In Sheer White Panties And Angel Wings: 'Can't Wait For Halloween'

Vivi Castrillon got her 3.8 million Instagram followers in the mood with her latest update on Saturday afternoon. The Colombian lingerie model shared a snap of herself in a barely there lingerie set and expressed her excitement for October and its upcoming spooky holiday. She added a comical string of pumpkin, bat, and ghost emoji in the caption.

Over 5,500 fans hit the "like" button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Vivi posed standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror and turned her backside to the camera. She arched her back and placed one hand on either hip, seductively toying with the waistband of her panties. The garment featured sheer white fabric through which the enticing cleavage of her voluptuous cheeks was visible. The panties cut across the middle of her derriere, accentuating the swell of her curves.

Vivi's reflection was in shadow — giving only a hint of what the front of her body looked like — but the thin strap that encircled her waist appeared to attach to the center of her undies as a decorative embellishment.

The top of the ensemble featured a shimmering lace bra with a wide keyhole cutout between her curvaceous breasts. The soft cups narrowed at the top and were joined together at her décolletage. Wide bands clasped behind her neck and around her rib cage. Vivi tagged the lingerie brand VC Dreams for the set.

She also wore a small pair of feathered wings, which were secured by soft straps around the front of both slender shoulders. The accessory fit perfectly across the width of her petite frame and ended in the middle of her back.

The feathers were adorned with a fluffy marabou around the top edges, which was the same material used to create her halo. The angelic piece was attached to a headband she wore pushed forward on the crown of her head.

Vivi's dark hair was pulled into a high ponytail that spilled halfway down her back in rippled waves.

She tilted her head back, turning her face to one side to display her delicate profile and enormous brown eyes.

Whether or not Vivi's Instagram followers have a penchant for Halloween, they definitely seemed to support her enthusiasm for the holiday.

"WHAT A SENSUAL ANGEL..." observed one fan.

"OMG Viviana you are the hottest angel ever," gushed another.

"Super panties," praised a third person, adding flame and kiss emoji to emphasize their compliment.