Anllela Sagra Grinds & Undulates Hips In Saucy New Video, Showing Off Her Unbelievable Abs

Anllela Sagra snaps a selfie.
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Anllela Sagra titillated her 11.9 million Instagram followers with a red-hot video on Saturday, September 26. The clip sparked a fierce frenzy among her fans and has already racked up over 93,000 likes in the short time since it went live.

The fitness maven wore a skimpy pink bikini that accentuated her bounteous cleavage. The top had classic triangular cups that bared her sun-kissed décolletage. The ruched fabric seemed to be just a tad too small for Anllela’s generous bust as her assets were straining against their confines.

Even more revealing were the bottoms that Anllela rocked. The matching thong clung high on her hips and exposed her tight buns and curvaceous legs.

Anllela’s unbelievable abs were the showstopper in this particular video. Her midsection was left bare and she showed off her washboard abs that seemed to ripple in the clip. She also flaunted her trim waist and hourglass physique.

The social media star wore her long brown hair in a side part. She let her locks tumble down her face, shoulders, and back in casual disarray. She completed her outfit with a pair of hoop earrings, two necklaces and chunky gold bangles.

The camera was positioned below Anllela as she reached to switch it on in the beginning of the clip. She pouted her lips and sang along to the words of Maluma’s “Parce.” She pointed to her chest and began swaying her body from side to side before stepping back. Then the influencer undulated her hips and touched her thighs, before playing with her hair. Her chiseled abdominal muscles took center stage as she grinded her hips to show off her dance moves. She even moved them in and out at one point in the video.

Anllela’s fans raced to engage with her on the platform. She was inundated with glowing compliments and emoji as they told her what they thought of her performance.

An admirer was blown away by her incredible figure and waxed lyrical in the comments section.

“How it is you have those fabulous proportions is beyond me. Wow… just wow!” they raved.

Another thought that her midriff could “do no wrong.”

“Wow, the dream girl has everything I dream about,” a devotee gushed and added heart and flame emoji to the comment.

A fourth Instagram user gave Anllela some unsolicited advice. Those who follow the model know that she has been getting a lot of flak for rarely posting fitness videos since she returned to social media.

“Still hot [flame emoji] as hell. Do not pay attention to the haters,” the person advised Anllela.