Ana Cheri Stands On A Swing, Flaunts Her Killer Body In Flirty Crop Top & Bikini Bottoms

Ana Cheri poses for a selfie.
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Model Ana Cheri recently spent time in the Maldives, and judging from her Instagram account, she had a wonderful time while there. In her latest update saw her soaking up the sun and splashing in the ocean while wearing a flirty crop top with a skimpy pair of string bikini bottoms.

The former Playboy playmate was definitely dressed for a tropical getaway. Her teal top featured off-the-shoulder long sleeves with a gathered hemline that cut off just below her breasts. The number was also gathered in the middle with a drawstring that dangled in front of her taut abs. The matching swimsuit bottoms were adorned with small seashells.

Ana wore her hair down with a single braid framing she side of her face. Her accessories included a dangle bracelet. She also sported a white polish on her nails.

In the caption, she wrote about her experience.

Within an hour of Ana sharing the post to her account, more than 47,000 of her followers hit the like button.

Dozens of fans took a moment to rave over how sensational she looked.

“You look absolutely gorgeous and amazing,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You’ll vapourise the ocean with your hotness,” quipped a second admirer.

“Your body is artwork,” a third fan chimed in.

“You are absolutely perfect,” a fourth comment read.

The update was presented in a video format, and it caught Ana participating in a variety of activities. The clip began by showing Ana standing on a swing while flaunting her perky derrière before cutting to a scene that showed her from the front. The next portion of the clip captured the buxom brunette on the sand running, presumably toward her husband, whose outstretched hand was visible in the frame. Ana reached for his hand while gazing directly into the lens. One section showed a close-up of Ana’s body as the couple held hands while running along the sand.

Another scene captured Ana standing in the ocean. With her arms out to her sides, she spun around and splashed in the water while flashing a huge smile for the camera. She was in water up to the tops of her thighs, so her fans were able to get a good look at her backside as well as her chest.

There was another portion of the video that saw her adjusting the strings on her bottoms while shaking her booty while others caught her striking sexy poses while running her hands through her hair. The clip ended with her bending one knee while blowing a kiss at the camera.