WWE Rumors: Officials Reportedly Having Second Thoughts About Otis Push

Otis appears on WWE television

According to Ringside News, WWE officials are reportedly unsure about how to move forward with Otis and the Money in the Bank briefcase storyline. His current feud with The Miz suggests that the Heavy Machinery member might lose the contract in the near future, but the report stated that Vince McMahon hasn’t made up his mind yet.

In the current angle, The Miz is trying to acquire the briefcase for himself. This has led “The A-Lister” to take legal action against Otis following his recent attacks. The number one contender could be set to lose his guaranteed title shot as a result, but all will be revealed during the upcoming court segment.

The article also highlighted that creative direction for Otis is likely to become clearer when the upcoming draft is over. It’s possible that he’ll move to Monday Night Raw and shift his focus to the red brand’s World Champion at the time.

If this happens, the company might be more enthused to propel him into a main event spotlight without compromising Roman Reigns’ push as Universal Champion.

Of course, it’s also possible that Reigns will join Raw and bring another opponent to the blue brand for Otis. Either way, it would allow the company to keep Otis in the title picture.

Mandy Rose, Otis’ storyline girlfriend, was drafted to Raw on a recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, and it seems like only a matter of time until the popular couple is reunited.

Officials could also be considering having his tag team partner turn on him. This has already been teased on weekly television, as Tucker recently made it clear that the briefcase situation is Otis’ problem. Tucker has arguably been an afterthought throughout the meteoric rise of Otis, and that could factor into the angle.

Otis celebrates MITB win

The report stated that McMahon wants to keep several options open for now, while also pointing out that Otis may have been given this push without there being any long-term plans in mind for the superstar.

However, other rumors have stated that the chairman is still high on the performer and wants to keep the Money in the Bank contract on him. As The Inquisitr previously noted, the plan is to reportedly have Otis cash in when fans can return to arenas again.

The Heavy Machinery member is one of the most organically over performers in the entire promotion, and him winning the gold would undoubtedly receive an emotional pop from a live crowd.