August 18, 2013
Tracey Mitchell: Middletons Cheap Grandparents Who Stiffed Cabbie On Way To See Royal Baby [Report]

So there's a video of Tracey Mitchell and the Middletons before and after the blonde taxi driver in her royal blue cab takes the Duchess of Cambridge's parents from St. Mary's Hospital to Kensington Palace. Hit the button, and you can see Mitchell gushing about how the grandparents of the baby Prince George are really nice people, blah blah blah.

No one seems to be real sure why Carole and Michael Middleton took the cab. Maybe all the royal vehicles were in the shop? Maybe Kate Middleton was less enthusiastic about seeing her folks than the cabbie was?

Who knows?

But Prince William's folks actually got there in a Jaguar to check out the royal baby.

In any event, cabbie Tracey Mitchell told the BBC that the driving job was all very unexpected: "I had no idea I was picking [the Middletons] up...If I knew, I would have done something with my hair, put my make-up on, and made myself a bit more presentable."

Actually, I don't think her hair looks all that bad.

In any case, she said that as soon as she dropped the Middletons off, she ran to phone her husband to let him know that, "I can't believe what I've just been part of."

Well, OK.

But the Daily Mail has a slightly different version of the encounter between Tracey Mitchell and the Middletons.

Oh, she still gushed in an embarrassing fashion: "I mean, picking up the future king's grandparents... it doesn't get much better than that."

But if the Mail report is accurate, Tracey Mitchell would have been better off giving me or you or almost anybody else a ride -- because they're saying that Kate's parents stiffed the cabbie:

"The 49-year-old said Mr Middleton tried to pay the £15 fare when they arrived back at Kensington Palace but was told it had been paid in advance. He did not, however, offer a tip."

As one commenter wryly remarked, "Well, you don't get rich by being generous."

If the story is true, my already not-too-high opinion of new grandparents Carole and Michael Middleton just took another nosedive.

And no amount of gushing from cab driver Tracey Mitchell about the Middletons being pleasant is gonna change that. Most people don't work for pleasant. They work for money.