‘Big Brother’ 22 Week 8 Spoilers: POV Plans Made Ahead Of Competition

The cast of Big Brother All-Stars sits down on eviction night

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 22.

Week 8 in the Big Brother All-Stars house is in full swing, despite not yet playing out in the televised episodes. After Da’Vonne Rogers was evicted on Thursday, a Head of Household competition followed promptly. Cody Calafiore ended up nabbing the coveted position of power, the second time this summer he’s held the role. He subsequently nominated David Alexander and Kevin Campbell for eviction, in a move that surprised absolutely no one.

Shortly after the nomination ceremony, the houseguests began buzzing about what might happen should either David or Kevin win the Power of Veto and pull themselves off the block. Cody has a plan in motion should this happen, despite the fact that Kevin is his true target this week.

According to Big Brother Network, Cody is thinking of putting Christmas on the block if Kevin happens to come down. Both he and Enzo Palumbo agree that she will go home over David, and this is a route they might consider taking.

There was also a discussion on possibly putting up Nicole Franzel as a replacement or for nomination next week, as Enzo does not think a former winner should be given a chance to take home the grand prize for a second time.

Christmas Abbott and Cody Calafiore sit in the Big Brother house

Cody knocked down the idea and said Nicole would never come after the two of them, so they’ll set their sights on her in a few evictions moving forward. That decision might have to come sooner rather than later, as this coming Thursday will see an unprecedented triple eviction, sending three houseguests packing in one night.

Cody and Enzo also had some conversations about Dani Briones, saying she is one of the house’s biggest targets and will likely be put up in the next nomination ceremony. Cody was adamant that Nicole, Memphis Garrett, and Tyler Crispen do not go up next time, but the triple eviction will cause rash decisions to be made in split seconds and it would be a true shock if all those players avoided the block.

After their lengthy discussions, Enzo revealed to Cody that he formed a second Wise Guys alliance with Christmas and Memphis. The latter originally formed an alliance of the same name with Enzo and Cody but decided to make another one on the side to keep as many people close to him as possible.

The POV competition is set to play out today, bringing back a classic fan-favorite competition: OTEV. The POV will air this coming Wednesday on CBS.