Sarah Michelle Gellar Holds Glass With Toes To Take On Wine Challenge With With Shannen Doherty

Sarah and Shannen experimented with two new ways to perform the viral challenge.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannen Doherty attend the 9th Annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Sarah and Shannen experimented with two new ways to perform the viral challenge.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannen Doherty had a blast with a glass while taking on the viral wine challenge for a second time. On Friday, Sarah took to Instagram to share a video of the two pals experimenting with funny different ways to have a drink.

When they originally took on the challenge earlier this month, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star and the Charmed actress copied the version that went viral on social media. Sarah, 43, sat behind Shannen, 49, on the ground with her legs spread around her.

The blond actress was the recipient of the wine. Her brunette pal held the base of the glass in her mouth and slowly tilted her head back until Sarah was able to successfully drink from the glass. The video was filmed over Labor Day weekend, and it can be viewed here.

This time around, the friends got a bit more creative with their drinking. They first tried the challenge standing up. Sarah, who was clad in a breezy patterned maxi dress, held the base of a champagne flute in her mouth. Shannen was standing some distance away. She wore a black swimsuit underneath a short coordinating coverup with zebra print on one side.

The 90210 star slowly danced up behind her pal. The two women both spread their legs wide and began bending backward to empty as much of the flute as they could. After they celebrated their triumph, the clip cut to a shot of Sarah with her left leg lifted up. She held the bottom of the flute between the big toe and second toe of her left foot. Her friend was on her knees on the ground, and she was drinking from the glass as Sarah struggled to maneuver it with her foot and uplifted leg.

Sarah grinned at the camera as she lost her grip on the glass, spilling wine all over her friend. However, she didn’t let the fail stop her from having a good time. While impressively continuing to balance on one leg, she did a goofy little dance. The musical accompaniment she added to her video was the Miley Cyrus song, “We Can’t Stop.”

The Instagram post received an enthusiastic response from fans of both women.

“Can I play this game with you?!? Please,” begged one admirer in the comments section.

“Everyone needs a friendship like yours!” another message read.

One commenter referenced the iconic characters that the two women played on their supernatural TV series.

“The fact that Prue and Buffy are best friends honestly makes this world a little brighter,” the fan wrote.

Sarah also delighted her fans when she visited another famous friend earlier this summer. As reported by The Inquisitr, she and her Cruel Intentions co-star, Selma Blair, recreated their famous kissing scene with the addition of a face mask.