Danica McKellar, 45, Channels Christmas Spirit In Revealing Red Dress To Announce Her New Project

Danica McKellar poses on the red carpet.
THEO WARGO / Getty Images

Danica McKellar is doing her part to get fans into the Christmas spirit — and drumming up some support for her upcoming project.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday to share a picture of herself wearing a revealing red dress while sitting in front of a fireplace decked out with holiday decorations. With her arms neatly crossed as she sat on the chair and flashed a smile, the 45-year-old wore a dress that showed off a bit of skin.

In the caption, McKellar announced that she has a new project in the works called Christmas She Wrote, which will debut on the Hallmark Channel later in December. The actress has become a staple of the network’s holiday slate of television movies, helping her grow her already large following.

Many of her fans took to Instagram to share their joy at the news, with many leaving excited comments below McKellar’s picture. Others said that her holiday-inspired outfit and the seasonal decor in her picture helped to get them in the mood for the Christmas season — even if it is still several weeks away.

“Wow u look stunning!!! Boy I’m ready for xmas movie marathons starting with yours!!” one fan wrote, punctuating the comment with a heart-eyes emoji and heart emoji.

“Love you in Christmas movies! Love at the Christmas table is one of my all time favorite movies,” another added.

Others responded well to the question in the caption asking who is ready for some Christmas cheer, with many noting that with the end of summer, they are looking forward to starting the holiday season.

After earning her breakout role in The Wonder Years, McKellar has crafted a strong second act of her career through her popular appearances in the series. In an interview with Media Village — which called the actress the “Audrey Hepburn of Hallmark” — McKellar said that she likes how the network often pulls from the same group of actors for its films.

“A lot of channels don’t like to reuse actors as they think the audience could get confused,” she said. “But Hallmark is a little different; it’s almost like you’re in a series and the audience wants to see familiar faces doing a romantic comedy or a mystery.”

McKellar added that the idea seems to be working well and that she couldn’t be happier with the result. As the enthusiastic response to her Instagram snap teasing her newest movie seems to show, McKellar’s fans apparently feel the same way.