Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Nina Learns About Nelle’s Death

Cynthia Watros on the set of 'General Hospital'.
Valerie Durant / ABC

Not everyone knows yet about the supposed death of Nelle Benson, but on General Hospital next week, more people will find out the details about what happened to the most hated woman in Port Charles. Carly feels a bit guilty and even Josslyn seems to be struggling with her feelings about the whole thing. Soon, Nina and Jax will be told what happened and more mixed emotions are expected to be brought to the surface.

Nelle was vicious, a liar, and a manipulator. Despite the relief that has been felt once people learned of her death, there are still feelings of shock. Nina hasn’t been told yet, but she will be on Monday’s General Hospital. The spoilers and sneak peek reveal that Joss will suddenly realize her dad and his girlfriend hadn’t been told the news. She is seen in the previews mentioning that fact to Carly, as the couple is standing right there, and Carly seems surprised.

Nelle’s fate was revealed this past week when Chase went to relay the info to Sonny, Carly, and Jason that her body was found by the river. She was supposedly identified. However, fans are sure this is not the last they’ll see of her.

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  Craig Sjodin / ABC

How will Nina react to the news that Nelle is truly gone for good? Although Nina turned on the other woman during Wiley’s custody trial, she still seemed to have a soft spot for her. The necklace that Nelle had in her possession is currently in Sonny’s house. It’s likely that sometime soon Nina will catch a glimpse of it and realize that it belonged to the girl who is rumored to be the daughter she has been looking for.

General Hospital fans are anxious to see how this storyline will all unfold once the necklace is spotted by Nina. That seems to be the evidence that will connect her to her child. However, viewers aren’t sure that Nelle was the original owner of that piece of jewelry.

Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Carly and Nina will grow close, likely because of Nelle’s death. They both tried to talk her into changing her ways, but she was too far gone blaming everyone else for her troubles. She couldn’t see that they were just trying to help her.

Things are about to get more complicated for Nina soon and she will be more confused, and possibly heartbroken, than ever.