Da’Vonne Rogers Reveals Who She Thinks Is Playing The Best Game And Who Has A Shot At Winning ‘Big Brother 22’

Da'Vonne Rogers gives a speech in the Big Brother house

Da’Vonne Rogers is the second member of the jury in Big Brother All-Stars after she was evicted last night. This is the second time the reality star has found herself in the jury and third time she has been unsuccessful in winning the game. Da’Vonne has amassed quite the fanbase over the years, especially this season, but one of her biggest downfalls which have been discussed among her fandom was her bad reads on fellow houseguests.

Da’Vonne was given some new intel after leaving the game Thursday where Julie Chen revealed The Committee alliance, and Nicole Franzel told her in her goodbye message that she had been lying to her all week.

The BB veteran caught up with Entertainment Weekly today to discuss all things All-Stars, where she gave her thoughts on who is playing the best game and who has the potential to make it much further. Now that she knows all this new information, it’s changed who she thinks has a real shot at taking home the money.

“Memphis [Garrett] was the only piece of the puzzle I was missing. I knew it was a big alliance, but Memphis caught me off guard. I didn’t think nobody was working with him. Well, I knew Christmas [Abbott] was working with him, but I didn’t know he was attached to the big thing, not until the end anyway.”

Dani Briones watches a eviction speech

Memphis has been surprising many of his roommates after they leave the game as they have had no idea he was in the house’s majority alliance. He has pretended to be playing a lone wolf game but it’s quite the opposite. In addition to Da’Vonne, Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina were shocked to learn of his true loyalties this summer, and he has positioned himself quite nicely among the remaining players.

Another houseguest Da’Vonne feels is doing well is Dani Briones.

“I think Dani has a really good shot at going far. Dani has a really, really good shot at going far if she plays this right. She’s in a lot of people’s ears,” she said.

Dani, a member of The Committee, is tight with almost everyone left in the game except for David Alexander and Kevin Campbell. Tyler Crispen is starting to become wary of her, as he is catching on to her good gameplay.

Da’Vonne also has hopes for David, who she thinks is playing under the radar. She thinks if he can keep going like this he should do well because The Committee is about to crumble and they will begin taking shots at one another.