‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Olivia Confesses To Lulu About Her Trip To See Dante

Lisa Locicero on the set of 'General Hospital'.
Valerie Durant / ABC

Coming up on Monday’s General Hospital, Olivia Falconeri will be back in town after her adventure with Robert Scorpio. She went to see her son, Dante Falconeri, but it didn’t pan out the way she had intended. Now that she is back, she will have a lot of explaining to do.

In the previews for Monday’s episode, Olivia is seen letting Lulu Spencer, Dante’s ex wife, know about her trip to Geneva, Switzerland. Lulu had no idea what was on her ex mother-in-law’s agenda and she appeared to be quite shocked about the information. She obviously wasn’t aware that anyone could possibly get in to see Dante, but Robert has connections and he worked his magic. Unfortunately, Dante refused to see her, no matter how much she cried and begged her son to let her in. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Lulu will be torn when Dante eventually returns to Port Charles.

Lulu will certainly have plenty of questions for Olivia, especially since the older woman didn’t let her know what she was up to. Lulu has moved on with someone else, but the mere mention of a possible visit with Dante probably caused her to feel conflicted.

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Olivia will have to face more than just Lulu when she returns — she will also have to speak to her husband. Ned Ashton was none too happy about his wife trekking to Monte Carlo with Robert. Will she confess what really happened on her little adventure?

Ned will also be getting a little too close to Alexis Davis on Monday’s General Hospital. At that point, it’s likely that Ned has no idea his wife has returned home. Unfortunately, the two exes will take a walk down memory lane and there is a chance something more will happen between them that may just be the game changer in his marriage to Olivia.

Dante will be back in Port Charles soon, as he has taken on some sort of mission as his way of getting out of the WSB facility. Lulu is currently involved with school teacher Dustin Phillips and her ex-husband’s return will certainly complicate things between them. Dante has been struggling, but his love for her has not changed one bit. He divorced her so that she could move on with her life as he fought his PTSD in Switzerland.

General Hospital is bound to be full of drama and emotional moments in the coming weeks. Fans are getting anxious to see Dante back with his family.