Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée, Brittany Matthews, Shows Off Her Backside In Dazzling Photos

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews attend an event.
Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Brittany Matthews, who recently got engaged to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, shared a couple of sizzling pictures of her slim figure on her Instagram account recently.

The fitness fanatic posted two pictures that highlighted her toned figure and flawless skin as she promoted the athletic wear she sported in the shots.

In her first photo, Matthews squatted down with her backside facing her photographer. She looked off into the distance as she smiled. Additionally, her left arm rested gently on her bent knee, which accentuated the outlines of her arm muscles. Her long, sandy blond hair fell down the entirety of her back.

In her second snapshot, Matthews remained in the same squatting position. However, she changed the angle of the shot so her derrière was more prominent. Like the first picture, Matthews rested her thin arm gently on her left knee as she kept smiling.

The fitness influencer sported an outfit that outlined her sculpted physique, wearing a fitted white crop tank top; tight, high-waisted orange leggings that had the word “Balance” written along the waistband; and matching white-and-orange tennis shoes. Matthews also wore a white watch on her wrist.

The photo appeared to be taken in a backyard, as she posed on a green lawn surrounded by numerous leaves. There were also a few trees and a landscaped rock wall in the background.

The Chiefs supporter shared the photo with her 620,000 followers, most of whom left comments of positivity and support.

“Orange is definitely your color!!!” one fan remarked, as they further expressed their approval with a row of heart-eye emoji.

“THE SHOE COORDINATION QUEEN,” exclaimed another person, taking notice of Matthews conscious effort to match her workout attire.

“SO FIRE IN THIS SET,” a third person commented, adding a fire emoji to their post.

Matthews’ new update earned over 20,000 likes and 1,000 comments in under three hours.

The 25-year-old used her platform to promote a giveaway for her followers, as she provided specific instructions for how to win a free set of athletic gear. Based on the immense amount of interaction with the post, her fans appeared to be eager for a shot to obtain the clothes being given away.

It is clear that Matthews is passionate about fitness. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her fans were recently able to get an inside look at a workout routine she uses in order to maintain her desirable figure.