Leanna Bartlett Displays Killer Cleavage Wearing Grecian-Style Wrap Bikini At Golden Hour

Leanna Bartlett attends GUESS Kicks-off Holiday Season at The Peppermint Club on November 07, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Leanna Bartlett put on a sizzling display for her 3.3 million Instagram followers on Friday afternoon. The Ukrainian-born actress and model wore a stunning ensemble that showcased her incredible bikini figure and suggested that she was not yet ready to let go of summer. Over 7,000 fans seemed to share the sentiment by hitting the “like” button in less than an hour after the post went live.

Leanna wore a skimpy bikini featuring a rose-gold, shimmering fabric that was exquisitely complimented by the warm tones of late afternoon sunshine spilling over the scene. It was connected by a series of silver braided straps that also provided an enticing wrapped embellishment.

The top of the suit featured wide, triangular-shaped cups that sat wide apart from one another, allowing her to flaunt her incredible cleavage as well as an enticing portion of her bare breasts. A pair of strings tied behind her neck, supporting the alluring weight of her bust.

The other strap encircling her rib cage appeared to be unusually long. It seemingly wrapped once below her bust and then crossed over itself and looped around her midriff twice more to create a visually-pleasing detail that echoed the design of a feminine Grecian toga.

The bottoms had a petite fit and matching double straps that sat low across her hips. Visible just above were tantalizing lines demarcating her hip bones from her toned abdominal muscles.

Leanna stood facing the camera head-on and angled her lower body almost imperceptibly to accentuate her slender waist in comparison to the swell of her derriere. She cocked one hip slightly and let her arm relax at her side, resting her palm against her upper thigh.

She draped her open left hand across the side of her decolletage, displaying her manicured nails, which were filed into points and painted a light, opaque shade. Her only accessory was a tiny pendant on a gold-colored chain that laid just below her collarbones.

Leanna’s blond hair was parted deeply on one side and cascaded in loose curls over her right shoulder, framing her delicate features.

She gazed at the camera with wide-open eyes and a serene expression. A small smile played upon her full lips.

Leanna posed outdoors bathed in an ethereal, pre-sunset light that also bounced off the craggy rockface behind her. A stretch of shaded sand was visible on her right, leading up to a brown building that appeared to be part of a lifeguard tower.