Cadaver Dog Allegedly Detected Human Remains Near Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband’s Home

Carole Baskin kneels in front of a male lion

Cadaver dogs brought as part of an investigation into the case of Don Lewis — the late husband of Tiger King star Carole Baskin — have allegedly detected human remains near one of the missing man’s homes. As The Sun reported, it could renew claims from critics that the Netflix star had some role in his disappearance.

“Cadaver dogs can detect human remains 20 feet below water and the fact we have her alerting on the same spot was extremely exciting,” said former secret service agent Jim Rathmann.

Now a retired homicide detective, Rathmann has been investigating Lewis’ disappearance along with CSI specialist Mike Sinszer’s cadaver-sniffing dog. They recently visited the missing man’s lake house in Brandon, Florida.

However, just because the animal seemed to indicate that there could be human body parts near the home, it doesn’t mean that finding any evidence is a straightforward process.

“After 23 years whatever is in there is covered in mud, makes a search, there is zero visibility and there’s alligators there,” he explained.

Some of Baskin’s critics argue that she could have put her husband’s body through a meat grinder or have fed him to her exotic big cats. One witness added fuel to the rumors when they told CBS News that an employee murdered the man and disposed of the body through a meat grinder, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Rathmann addressed the idea in relation to the recent discovery.

“We are not going to find a body, but if Don, hypothetically, had gone through a meat grinder we are looking for soft bone fragments, clothing or maybe a tooth. Best case scenario is you find a tooth or bone that you extract DNA from,” he said.

After the animal reportedly indicated that it had found a scent, the local sheriffs sent divers and detectives to investigate. They were unable to locate anything.

The best way to move forward in looking for evidence would be to establish a perimeter to work within and then “pump water out, allow that area to dry and bring cadaver dogs to search again.”

Baskin has denied that she had any role in what happened and local law enforcement has repeatedly declined to bring any charges against her. Lewis was declared legally dead in 2002, but his body was not recovered and the case remains unsolved.

The investigation will appear on an upcoming counterpart to the smash Netflix hit. Called Tigers, Lies & Cover-Up, the ID Channel documentary will explore the claims that Baskin had her husband murdered as her rival, Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado-Passage, alleges.

Joe Exotic poses next to a tiger