LL Cool J Loves Sears!

Roberto Cavalli is going to be soooo pissed— LL Cool J has made a deal with Sears to release his new celebrity diffusion line called. . . wait for it. . . LL Cool J for Sears. I think I’m going to be sick, especially since Sears has designs to get all up in that urban market. Sears. Urban? I think Sears needs more than LL Cool J to accomplish this, but he seems pretty positive nonetheless:

I have always had a hand in fashion in some capacity [such as being the face of Kangol and Fubu], but I have never embraced a brand the way I will embrace this, the LL Cool J name is a brand I have been building for 25 years and I didn’t want to do this line with just any store. I wanted to wait until I felt comfortable enough to take the leap.

It’s hard to imagine that LL Cool J spent 25 years planning to drop this white hoodie on the world.