Model Andreane Chamberland Holds Topless Friend On Her Shoulders During Apple-Picking Adventure

Andreane Chamberland snaps a selfie.
Andreane Chamberland / Instagram

French-Canadian model Andreane Chamberland delighted her 542,000 Instagram followers on Friday afternoon during a sizzling display of acrobatic ingenuity that happened to occur topless.

The stunning blonde and her doppelganger companion teamed up to pluck one of the highest apples from a bountiful tree while teasing fans with their ample assets, leaving them wanting more.

Andreane tagged friend Kim Kokonut in the snap. The two models appear scantily clad and posing together on their social media pages on a regular basis, although generally in a more relaxed manner.

Andreane faced her backside toward the camera, angled slightly to the right. She stood with her one foot planted on the ground and the other knee bent, balancing on her tiptoes as she held Kim, who was propped up on her shoulders, with seemingly effortless ease. Both elbows jutted out behind her as she grasped the front of Kim’s shins to keep her stabilized.

Andreane’s pose exposed a tantalizing view of her bare breast, which was cradled in the crook of Kim’s leg. Most of her face was covered by Kim’s thigh, leaving just a glimpse of the top of her head and the spill of platinum tresses down the middle of her back.

Kim clutched her legs together to maintain balance and arched her back as she reached high into the air. She held a bright green apple with her right hand and appeared to be plucking it off the tree in front of them.

The side of her breast was visible beneath her arm, and was highlighted by the bright sunshine drenching the entire scene. It was the only glimpse of pale skin to be seen, as both ladies sported deep, bronzed tans.

The top half of Kim’s blond hair was pulled back into a low bun, and the rest of it cascaded down to her slender waist.

Both ladies wore light-wash blue jeans with a tight fit to show off their curves, featuring conveniently placed rips below their cheeks and across their thighs.

Andreane’s Instagram followers were quick to express their appreciation for the post, many with humorous comments.

“When it comes to friends and apples you sure can pick em,” quipped one fan.

“Never have I ever been jealous of an apple tree,” declared a second person.

“I like a good sized pair of apples myself,” teased a third follower.

“Apple and peaches???????” exclaimed a fourth fan, who apparently appreciates a variety of fruit, as well as a nice derriere.