Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Valentin’s Making Moves & Cameron Opens Up To Josslyn

James Patrick Stuart plays Valentin on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers have plenty to look forward to with Friday’s episode. Everybody will learn more about the plan that Elizabeth, Franco, and Scott concocted regarding Nikolas and Ava, but teasers indicate there are big developments coming on other fronts as well.

Alexis has been thrown some major life challenges recently and, this week, she faced one more with a diagnosis of osteoporosis. As her daughters Sam and Molly fussed over her, Valentin showed up and took a different approach. He needled her in a sense, but he also provided her with some much-needed support in other ways. Teasers indicate he may do more of that during the September 25 show.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Valentin will feel the need to defend Alexis for some reason. The sneak peek for Friday’s episode shows the two will spend some time together, and viewers are loving the dynamic between them.

During their conversation, teasers detail he will talk about leveling the playing field somehow. It’s not known yet whether this refers to his ELQ takeover or something else, but it seems he will feel confident in sharing his thoughts with Alexis.

Eden McCoy, William Lipton, and Sydney Mikayla star on 'General Hospital'
  Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

The next show also brings a potentially challenging chat between Cameron and Josslyn. Apparently, Cameron will confess something during the talk. As much as viewers may hope this will be about his feelings for Trina, it seems that probably won’t be the case.

The sneak peek shares the two will talk about Elizabeth and Franco to some degree. Spoilers detail Josslyn will mention something that prompts Cameron to reply that he doesn’t think it is an option for Liz and Franco.

As far as he knows, things have been a little rocky between his mom and stepdad lately. Whatever it is that he and Joss discuss, it seems he’ll feel down about what’s going on with his parents. Considering the two have been playing up some troubles publicly while secretly working to deal with Ava and Nikolas, it could be Cam’s worries are essentially all for nothing.

General Hospital spoilers hint that soon Valentin may end up in a contentious confrontation with Ned. Alexis’ struggles will continue, but it seems both Ned and Valentin will be lending some support. As for Cameron and his love triangle, fans can likely expect something significant to shift on this front during the upcoming homecoming dance — and many people seem to be rooting for him to pick Trina over Josslyn.