WWE News: Cedric Alexander Reveals Original Plans For The Hurt Business’ Fourth Member

Cedric Alexander joins The Hurt Business

In a recent interview with TalkSport, WWE superstar Cedric Alexander sat down to discuss his experience of working with The Hurt Business faction on Monday Night Raw.

According to the superstar, he didn’t know that he was joining the team until the show in which he was officially unveiled as the fourth member on television.

The Monday Night Raw performer stated that Apollo Crews and Ricochet were considered before him. Crews was linked with the faction earlier this year after MVP offered him the chance to team up with them, but he ended up feuding with the alliance instead.

Prior to becoming a member of the group, Alexander teamed with Crews and Ricochet on the red brand’s weekly show. While they’re currently rivals following Alexander’s betrayal, he hopes that they follow his lead down the line.

Alexander stated that he’d like his former allies to become members of the stable, stating that there is power in numbers and they’d be a good fit as they’re top athletes. That’s if they could understand his business decisions, which might go against their babyface principles.

While the storyline reason for becoming a member was down to money, Alexander noted that being in the stable has helped him improve in certain areas.

Cedric Alexander stares down Ricochet

According to the superstar, being in the group has given him an opportunity to showcase his microphone skills. He stated that he had been working on them in private in recent years, and he feels comfortable speaking on television now.

“The last time I was nervous doing a promo was the first night I joined The Hurt Business. After that, everything was kicking. There’s small things I have to work on of course, but there’s never been a point where I’ve been like ‘I don’t know if I can do this!’ At some points, I’ll forget what I’m about to talk about, but then I’m there in the ring and I’m like ‘Oh, OK, I got this.'”

The stable was rumored to become a modern-day Nation of Domination at some point. However, Alexander explained that they’re nothing like the famous Attitude Era militant faction, as their motives are nothing alike.

Alexander said that the angle isn’t about race, and the only color their characters care about is “green.” He recalled how they went out to dinner after he joined, and MVP made it clear that the team is out to do something different.

Alexander also praised MVP for helping his career, and he expressed how unselfish the veteran is behind the scenes.