‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Embraces A Bubble Bath & Teases She’s Ready To Spill The Tea

Hannah Brown attends The 2020 InStyle And Warner Bros. 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Former The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown revealed some fairly exciting news via her Instagram page on Thursday evening. She has started a YouTube channel, and she promised she would be dishing out lots of juicy details about her experiences on reality television.

As Hannah’s fans know, she has had a wild couple of years, and there is no doubt she has some great stories to tell. From the sounds of things, she is ready to start spilling the beans and seemingly will not be holding back.

The short video clip that Hannah shared showed her relaxing in a bubble bath. She had her long blond tresses pulled back and fastened into what appeared to be a messy ponytail or bun. A few loose wisps gently framed her face, and she smiled as she looked at her Mac laptop.

The white bathtub was in the corner of a gray tiled bathroom, and Hannah had a wood tray propped on the edges to hold her laptop and a teacup. Bubbles filled the tub, covering what appeared to be Hannah’s bare chest and obscured enough to keep this from being an especially racy and revealing clip.

The Bachelorette star initially looked at her computer and typed away as somewhat cheesy music played. A moment later, she looked toward the camera and smiled, acting as if she had just noticed that she had an audience.

Hannah closed the laptop and said she was just about to start spilling all the tea. The cup she held up to her lips had the phrase “Boy Tears” on it, and she promised that what she had to share would be good.

The caption for Hannah’s video noted that she was prepared to tell her story in her own way. She explained that she was launching a YouTube channel, and it sounded as if she would be dishing out lots of fun stuff about her experience as The Bachelorette as well as stories from her time on Colton Underwood’s run as The Bachelor.

It may be that there are some Dancing with the Stars tales to tell, and it seems likely some tales from her brief appearances on Peter Weber’s season will pop up, too. Not only that, but fans would love for Hannah to spill the details on the time she spent in Florida last spring with Tyler Cameron. Exactly how much she’ll be sharing and how wild it will be remains to be seen.

The video was viewed more than 870,000 times overnight and over 1,150 comments poured in. Some people posted their requests regarding what they hoped she would share, and there was no shortage of topics on everybody’s agendas. In addition, a few joked about how Hannah’s opening seemed to essentially troll something Tyler himself had recently done for his newly launched YouTube channel.

It certainly seems that Hannah is happy and living her best life these days. She remains an incredibly popular personality from The Bachelor franchise, and her 2.7 million fans are clearly anxious to see what kind of scoop she’s ready to reveal.