AJ McLean & Cheryl Burke Reveal ‘DWTS’ Secrets In TikTok Challenge

AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke compete on DWTS.
Kelsey McNeal / ABC

AJ McLean and professional dance partner Cheryl Burke revealed their Dancing with the Stars secrets in a TikTok challenge video. The clip, shared with the show’s official Instagram page, was liked by the series 1.5 million followers over 105,000 times.

The couple, who have scored well over the past two episodes for their first two dances, was taped during a rehearsal for Week 3 as they played the “Put a Finger Down” challenge. This popular social media game requires players to hold up 10 fingers and answer questions that are posed to them. If they answer yes, they have to put a digit down.

The two stood in a rehearsal hall as they attempted the fun challenge.

The Backstreet Boys singer wore a black tank top and the same hue baseball hat. He sported a red beaded bracelet on his right wrist, paired with a black one. His beard and mustache were neatly trimmed.

Cheryl also wore the same dark hue. She sported a zip-up long-sleeved sweatshirt over a tank top. On the fourth finger of her left hand, her engagement ring and wedding band from her husband of one year, Matthew Lawrence, were seen. Her tresses were cut to shoulder-length and were blown out straight and to one side. On her earlobes, she wore large hoops.

The first question asked was if the couple were sore after rehearsals. Both Cheryl and AJ answered in the affirmative. AJ then answered yes to crying during practice and being nervous about the upcoming week’s performance.

Both said yes to getting really sweaty as they practiced, if they had lost weight since the season began, if they are confident in their dance this week, and if they loved their partner.

AJ then admitted to almost injuring Cheryl during rehearsals.

In the end, AJ was left with two digits up out of 10 while Cheryl had three. They laughed throughout the informative dare.

Fans of the dancing couple were thrilled to see this unfiltered look at their relationship on the social media site. They shared their feelings regarding the clip in the comments section of the post.

“Put a finger UP if you think AJ will go ALL THE WAY!” commented one follower and fan of the popular boy band singer.

“Cheryl is a boss! I like this team a lot,” wrote a second fan.

“I’m rooting for you guys all the way,” penned a third Instagram user.

“I love your pairing this season! I think you 2 have good chemistry! I was so happy AJ was your partner!” remarked a fourth viewer of the pair who also hosts a weekly podcast called Pretty Messed Up.