‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Trouble In Paradise For Ned & Olivia

Lisa LoCicero on the set of 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

There seems to be some trouble brewing for Ned and Olivia Quartermaine coming up on General Hospital as their marriage is being tested. The fan-favorite couple is expected to have even rougher waters ahead and viewers are wondering if their relationship will make it through this difficult time.

The past few days on the soap opera have been full of adventure for Olivia. She and Robert headed to Monte Carlo to find out if Holly Sutton was really alive. They ran into her son Ethan, but discovered Holly’s body was supposedly found. In the meantime, Ned had no idea where his wife was until Thursday when Brook Lynn confessed that she erased a message from Olivia while she was in the hospital. Now, her dad is fretting and wondering what is going on. Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that, on Friday’s show, Ned will lose his temper. It’s not indicated exactly what that is all about.

However, the previews for Friday reveal Ned will continue to beg Brook Lynn to return home to the Quartermaine mansion. It also shows Olivia is seemingly returning to Port Charles, unless she, Robert, and Ethan are heading somewhere else. They are seen in a private jet still in their fancy duds from their casino adventure.

The threesome are heavyhearted as they believe Holly is really dead. General Hospital viewers know that isn’t true because she was shown earlier this month alive and being held captive in some unknown place. That story will eventually continue, but for now it looks like Robert and Olivia, and possibly Ethan, will head back to Port Charles.

Lisa LoCicero and Wally Kurth on the set of 'General Hospital'
  Valerie Durant / ABC

Ned will be waiting for Olivia with plenty of questions. On Thursday, he discovered she had shared a honeymoon suite with Robert and that’s when Brook Lynn told him she had left him a message saying she would be delayed a few more days. He thought Olivia was still in Switzerland visiting with Dante. He had been fretting over her not answering her phone, or at least leaving him a message, but Brook Lynn erased it.

Spoilers also indicate how helpless Brook Lynn will feel. Is that about her dad’s relationship drama, or her own personal dilemma concerning her life as it stands right now?

Ned has no idea what kind of danger his wife was in. Her trip to Monte Carlo was unexpected and it’s likely she will have to face the music from her husband very soon. Their marriage was in trouble even before she left to go see Dante in Switzerland and now it seems their trust may be completely broken after this.