‘Big Brother 22’ Week 7: Who Was Evicted?

Davonne Rogers (L) and Kevin Campbell (R)

Week 7 is officially complete on Big Brother Season 22. Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell remained on the block after Tyler Crispen declined to use his Power of Veto (POV) to save them. Da’Vonne always appeared to be the clear target of the house, and she was ultimately sent packing by a vote of 5-2. Nicole Franzel and Dani Briones made the two votes to save Da’Vonne, but the women knew she was going to go home anyway and threw the votes out there as good grace and for jury management.

Da’Vonne gave another passionate speech as she asked her houseguests to keep her in the house, even though it was clear she knew she was going to go home. The majority of her speech was spent paying respect to all the Black players of Big Brother who came before her, who she said entered the game knowing the uphill battle they had ahead of them but pushed on anyway. She then reminded the audience that there has not been a Black winner of Big Brother, but made sure to mention Tamar Braxton did win the spinoff, Celebrity Big Brother, by a unanimous vote.

Kevin also noted the need for diversity in his speech, where he alluded to inclusion outside of the game for all races and genders in the workplace.

Da'Vonne Rogers gives a speech on Big Brother

Da’Vonne caught up with host Julie Chen shortly after her eviction, where her goodbye messages revealed some very telling information. Nicole admitted to lying to Da’Vonne all week about the flip last Thursday, saying she voted to keep Tyler around when she really evicted Ian Terry. This noticeably upset Da’Vonne, who asked her frenemy point-blank several times for the truth. The rogue vote was pinned on David Alexander, which caused Da’Vonne to feel a certain way about him when she didn’t need to.

This is what bugged Da’Vonne the most — that she was treating another Black co-star unfairly for something that wasn’t his fault at all. The two women still had tension from their time together on Season 18, and it doesn’t look like their friendship can be repaired moving forward. Da’Vonne will also inform Ian about this in the jury house, which puts Nicole’s game in jeopardy, should she make it to the final two.

At the end of the episode, the Neighbor twist was announced to the houseguests, where Dr. Will Kirby revealed himself as their next-door neighbor. The twist wasn’t detailed in full, but he said the roommates will have to decide between prizes and power this week in the Head of Household (HOH) and POV competitions. Julie also noted to viewers that next Thursday will feature a triple eviction.