Fox Sports Host Holly Sonders Flaunts Cleavage In Low-Cut Shirt While Discussing Her Golf Game

Holly Sonders competes in the Humana Challenge golf event
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Fox Sports host Holly Sonders looked gorgeous in a recent Instagram video post where she discussed her relationship with golf. In the clip, she rocked a revealing low-cut top that accentuated her assets while she talked about the sport.

The fitness model first gained recognition for her prowess on the links, and in this post, she revealed how grating the grind of always playing became. In the footage, Sonders was seated in front of a plush couch in a room that had black walls and chic artwork.

The 33-year-old had her long auburn hair in curls as it flowed over her shoulders. She sported a sleeveless red top that had a plunging neckline which embellished her ample cleavage. Sonders also wore a pair of black jeans, and accessorized with a gold bracelet and a large pair of Louis Vuitton hoop earrings.

At the start of the video, the Michigan State University product said people often ask if she still goes golfing. Sonders revealed that she started playing the sport when she was very young, and had grown sick of it by the time she was in high school. The television personality said she decided to continue playing through college because she excelled at it, but the passion was gone.

Sonders later said she fell out of “love” with the game around 15 years ago. The golfer mentioned that over 25 years of being involved in the sport took its toll, and she still occasionally hits a course for a high-profile event.

“I’ll do events. Play in some of my friends’ celebrity pro-ams,” she said.

For the caption, the model mentioned that she began golfing at 6-years-old and described it as a “love/hate relationship.” She asked followers if there was an activity they participated in, but had no enthusiasm for before uploading the post on Thursday.

Many of her 478,000 Instagram followers took notice of the clip, and more than 1,500 showed their support by tapping the like button in just over four hours after it was posted. She received nearly 100 comments in that time, and the replies were filled with comments from fans who understood her plight.

“Did you suffer from Parent Expectation Pressure (PEP)?” one follower asked.

“Being bad at golf has advantages. Lower expectations with occasional glee has to be better than making it a grind,” another wrote.

“It’s like the kids who play sports for fun but are pushed hard by parents who are frustrated athletes,” a fan replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier this week, Sonders flaunted her killer physique in a white bikini top.