Rosa Acosta Flaunts Bare, Muscle-Bound Booty, Thick Thighs In Tiny Tennis Skirt

Model and dancer Rosa Acosta arrives at Hollywood Unlocked Social Impact Brunch Powered By in 2019.
Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

Model, dancer and self-proclaimed “fitness babe” Rosa Acosta decided to get cheeky with her latest update on Instagram. In the post on Thursday, September 24, the 35-year-old included a sultry snapshot of herself bending over on the tennis court wearing a miniskirt and tight sports top.

In the accompanying caption, Acosta quizzically referenced her legs, which were visible in the shot. However, the former XXL Eye Candy of the Year winner and Wild N Out cast member had offered her 1.6 million followers a lot more to look at besides her thick thighs and gym-honed calves, as her buxom backside was left entirely bare in the photo.

Fans were quick to take note of the sizable showing, commenting on the post with words of affirmation for the seductive display.

“Perfect position to pick up on the knowledge you droppin’!” joked one user.

“Sensational pose,” exclaimed a second commenter. “Greatly accentuating your heavenly assets.”

“That booty tho @rosaacosta,” wrote another admirer.

“You couldn’t fit another ounce of muscle tone and definition into those beautifully sculpted gorgeous legs,” wrote a fourth fan.

The entirety of Acosta’s sculpted frame was visible in the shot, as she posed provocatively in front of a tennis net. The model was bending forward in the picture and bracing the weight of her upper body on the left side with a racket, which rested against the blue court beneath her. Her right hand was clutching a bright, yellow-green tennis ball.

The lengthy strands of her bleached blond hair extended out from under her visor and reached down toward the court. The hair blanketed her ample bosom in the process.

Acosta turned her head back toward the camera and peered directly at the lens with a smoldering expression on her face.

Acosta’s top half was adorned with a tight, white sports bra in the photo. And while that portion of her body was somewhat obscured in the shot, her lower half was exhibited in exquisite detail. The matching pleated miniskirt she wore was minuscule to the point that her bountiful booty and well-built thighs and calves were completely uncovered.

The various ripples, curves and contours created by her enhanced musculature were all easily noticeable on the frame.

Acosta’s sexy share proved to be popular with her fans and followers, racking up more than 10,000 likes in less than an hour. Moreover, 300 comments similar to those mentioned above were shared.

As relayed previously by The Inquisitr, Acosta declared herself to be a “mermaid” in a sultry snap that featured her posing topless.