Jennifer Lopez, 51, Bends Over A Table In Sultry Instagram Snap

Jennifer Lopez appears on the red carpet.
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez is giving her fans a racy new glimpse at her latest project, one that has her bending over a table while dressed like a sexy business executive.

The 51-year-old singer took to Instagram to post an image from her latest two-song collaboration with singer Maluma. The snap appeared to be a still from the music video, which Lopez had shown in a teaser posted on Instagram earlier in the week.

In the image, Lopez wore a black top and neutral-colored pants with her hair drawn up, allowing her curly locks to flow over her forehead and in front of her eyes. With an open mouth and eyes squinted, Lopez shot a sultry look to the side of the camera as she bent forward over the table, with one arm stretched across it and a long black glove covering her hand and extending to near her elbow.

The picture appeared to be from a business setting, with men in suits and professionally dressed women working on tables in the background. Billboard shared more details about the project and the way it connects the two songs. The report noted that Lopez had an important role on the creation of the two videos.

“The two connecting music videos directed by Jessy Terrero and filmed in Huntington, NY, and New York City, tell the story of a couple who has a forbidden relationship. The clip includes both artists dancing atop a building in ‘Pa’ Ti’ and a fierce chair choreography by Lopez in ‘Lonely,’ to name a few.”

Thursday’s snap was a huge hit with Lopez’s fans, racking up more than 1.5 million likes and earning plenty of comments praising the singer on her age-defying good looks.

“OH YAAAAASSSSS ICONIC AF, we love to see it‼️” one person commented.

“Omg you are so beautiful,” wrote another.

Lopez has been taking to social media throughout the week to generate some buzz for her new music, including posting some exclusive clips on her TikTok page and other revealing snaps on Instagram, both in her feed and her stories, where there were a series of short glimpses at the project.

Other videos showed Lopez wearing the same outfit she had in the sultry snap that she had shared late on Thursday, along with some other equally revealing looks.

The posts seemed to work, with many fans helping her count down the hours until the video’s release and others saying they couldn’t wait to see her showing off the revealing outfit in full during the video.

“YOU LOOK SOOO GOOD!!! I CAN’T WAIT,” one person wrote.