Casi Davis Displays Soaking Wet Booty In Tantalizing Slow-Motion Video On Instagram

Casi Davis got pulses racing in her most recent Instagram update on Thursday afternoon, in which the voluptuous fitness model shared a quick clip of herself wearing next to nothing and sliding through a shimmering swimming pool.

Casi's 1.3 million followers were treated to an extended view of her famous derriere as it bobbed out of the water and glistened in a swath of bright sunshine. The post received over 5,000 likes in less than an hour after it was uploaded.

The still image that was chosen to introduce the video pictured Casi floating in the pool with her backside toward the camera. Turquoise water swirled around her and cast blurry shadows across her body, with the exception of her derriere, which rose enticingly from beneath the surface. Light bounced off her perfectly rounded cheeks, which appeared smooth and flawless.

She wore a black thong bathing suit that nearly exposed her entire rear end. Wide straps criss-crossed over her upper back, between her shoulder blades.

Casi used the sultry track "Can I?" by Drake and featuring Beyonce as the musical accompaniment for the reel, also borrowing the title of the song to tantalize fans in the caption. Most fans commented on the inquiry in the exclamatory affirmative, while many also turned the tables and responded to Casi with the same question. A couple of people expressed shock that anyone had ever said "no" to the curvaceous blonde.

"Built in flotation device," joked one follower, referring to Casi's revered and impressive assets.

"Hear the ocean, feel the breeze, be at ease. J'adore," rhymed a second person, dotting their words with a few affectionate emoji.

"The most attractive dolphin I've ever seen," teased a third fan who seemed to admire her swimming skills, adding a dolphin and a 100 percent symbol after.

"Ooh yes! A mermaid! so unbelievably gorgeous," raved a fourth follower, likening Casi to perhaps a traditionally more alluring sea creature.

Luckily for Casi's fans, she spends a lot of time scantily clad and drenched in water. Just a few weeks ago, The Inquisitr covered a multiple-image post in which she rinsed off in an outdoor shower next to a swimming pool. She wore a stunning bikini with an abstract design and flung her wet hair into the air. Enormous palm trees dotted the tropical environment in the background.

Casi happened to refer to a different song in that caption, using the currently viral initials "WAP" to accompany the snaps.