Ashley Resch Flaunts Underboob And Thick Thighs In Skimpy Bikini Selfie

Ashley Resch takes a selfie
Ashley Resch / Instagram

Canadian Instagram model Ashley Resch took to her social media page on Thursday afternoon, stunning her 923,000 followers with a sultry snap where she showed off lots of bare skin. Almost 7,000 loyal fans liked the post in under an hour after it went live.

Ashley’s killer physique was on display as she posed in front of what appeared to be a large bathroom mirror. Her black bikini featured minuscule strings and a minimal amount of fabric, leaving little to the imagination. The top was a rectangular panel of fabric ruched together across her bust and attached to two straps that arched over her shoulders.

The lower part of the garment was gathered and tied in a bow in the center, which dangled down onto her midriff. Ashley’s underboob peeked out from beneath the piece, with the light casting enticing curved shadows of her rounded breasts.

The bathing suit bottoms featured scanty material that covered her bits and rested high over each voluptuous hip, emphasizing the swell of her thighs in relation to her slender waist.

Ashley clutched her phone in her left hand, holding in front of her and just far enough to the side to keep her face in view. She gazed directly at the screen to maintain focus and composition in the image and had a look of seductive concentration. She cocked her head to one side and slightly parted her full lips.

She also bent her right elbow and draped her open palm against her decolletage. Her outstretched fingers rested across the top of her right breast. The positioning of both hands showed off her manicured nails, which were painted opaque white.

Her platinum tresses were parted off-center and straightened into loose, layered waves that grazed the top of her shoulders.

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Ashley’s accessories were minimal, so as not to distract from the view of her ample assets. She wore small gold-colored hoop earrings and a tiny cross pendant dangling from a delicate chain, and several bands graced multiple fingers. The back of her phone case featured a marbled black-and-white design paired with a copper ring handle.

Most of her prolific and intricately-designed tattoos were visible, including a full sleeve on one arm, a panel sweeping across the opposite hip and rib cage, and a glimpse of a piece encircling her upper thigh.

The white wall behind Ashley was blank, and the light cast a distinctly warmer hue in comparison to the blue-toned light in the hallway behind her. A stippled painting that seemingly represented an icy pond scene was partially visible on the back wall.