Pink & Minders Get in Major Fight with Australian Journo

Pink lived up to her tough reputation after a rough-and-tumble disagreement with One News’ Australian correspondent Hannah Hodson. In case you thought that she has gone soft, don’t worry– she’s still kicking a*s. The story?

Pink’s interview, planned to introduce Song BMG’s promotional efforts for her fifth album Funhouse, turned out “so bad” that not only did she walk out, but her management tried to forcibly remove the tape from the camera! An onlooker told the Sunday News that:

“(Cameraman) Jason (Hull) left the camera rolling at the end of the interview and you can hear Hannah going, ‘F**k off, this is TVNZ’s property. You can’t have the tape … I’ll call the cops.'”

While Pink was reported to be “coming across really well” during the interview, sources say that journo Hodson took things too far when she asked why her sister had been sacked– coincidentally, Hodson’s sis was Pink’s former assistant!

Hodson’s going to return to Aukland to face the music give her account on what happened. Megan Richards, TVNZ spokesperson, called it an “employment matter,” which probably means that Hodson’s going to be sacked.

Sony BMG has already met with TVNZ and agreed not to air the footage. Now if only this gets leaked onto YouTube. . .