‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Thursday: Billy Toasts To Adam’s Demise

Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) on the CBS series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
Monty Brinton / CBS

The Young and the Restless episode on Thursday, September 24, featured Chelsea threatening Billy after he accused Adam of making Alyssa disappear. Elena lashed out at Nate, while Devon remembered his life with Hilary. Elsewhere, Summer asked Nick to be happy about her engagement to Kyle, but he refused to pretend.

Billy (Jason Thompson) went to Adam’s (Mark Grossman) penthouse and demanded to know what he did to Alyssa (MarĂ­a DiDomenico). He denied doing anything, and Billy called him a liar. Adam accused Billy of making up stuff to use as clickbait for Chance Comm, and Billy told Adam that he knew all about A.J. Montalvo.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) intervened, and she threatened Billy with a lawsuit if he moved forward. Billy said that Adam would destroy Chelsea’s life, and he felt sorry for her. She didn’t want Billy’s pity. When Billy left, Chelsea asked Adam if he had anything to do with Alyssa’s disappearance. He noted that Billy was getting too close to the truth, and he couldn’t let that happen.

Ultimately, Billy ended up hearing from Alyssa, and she said she was okay. He urged her to send the proof that she had about Adam’s wrongdoings right then, and then he toasted to Adam’s downfall.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick (Joshua Morrow) let Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) know that there was no way Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer (Hunter King) would get married. Phyllis reminded her boyfriend that their daughter was an adult, but Nick wanted to present a united front. They argued about it until Summer showed up and insisted that she is living her dream. Nick tried to talk to her about the problems with her situation, and Phyllis admitted that she wasn’t glad to hear about the engagement.

Hunter King of the CBS series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
  Johnny Vy / CBS

Summer called her parents hypocrites. She also reminded Nick that he’d offered her the house and she wondered why he did that. Phyllis suggested that they all just love each other, and Summer told her dad that she’s proud of how he’s lived his life on his own terms.

Tearfully, Nick told Summer that she would always be his supergirl, but he said he couldn’t pretend to be happy about her engagement to Kyle and left.

Nate (Sean Dominic) and Amanda (Mishael Morgan) talked at the clinic, and he expressed how good it was to see her so happy. However, talk turned to how hard Hilary’s death hit Devon (Bryton James), and he said he didn’t want to see anything drive him and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) apart. Amanda promised to be careful.

At Devon’s, he apologized for sending Elena a text about his change of heart where Amanda was concerned. Elena asked him to let her in and include her in his feelings, and Devon said that he felt Amanda had been a test to show him that he’s truly moved on from Hilary.

Later, Elena talked to Nate at the clinic, and she accused him of setting the whole thing in motion. She noted that Devon’s world was turned upside down again. However, she eventually apologized for venting her anger at Nate, and he reiterated that he would help her get through this. Elena vowed that she and Devon would be okay.

Back at his penthouse, Devon flashed through several memories of Hilary.