Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas Seeks Help From Martin While Ava Confronts Her Blackmailer

Marcus Coloma plays Nikolas on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday tease that both Nikolas and Ava will be scrambling. Each received a text showing the kisses they shared with Elizabeth and Franco, and now they are both trying to figure out how to handle the messy situation.

SheKnows Soaps notes Liz and Franco will argue over financial issues during the upcoming episode. From the sound of things, they aren’t the only ones in Port Charles worrying about money matters at the moment.

During Wednesday’s show, Nikolas went to the pier to see what he could learn about the text he received. He was stunned to see who showed up, and teasers suggest he’ll take an intriguing step to deal with this. Nikolas told the mystery blackmailer he didn’t have the kind of money available that had been demanded, and he needed 24 hours to figure it out.

The sneak peek for the September 24 episode reveals Nik will meet up with lawyer Martin Gray. It seems he may be asking for legal advice and this is surely related to the confrontation he had at the pier.

As soon as those kisses were exchanged and the clicks of photographs being taken were heard, General Hospital fans started speculating about who snapped the pictures. A lot of people thought that perhaps Elizabeth and Franco had orchestrated this, and a few wondered if Nikolas’ son Spencer could have been behind this. Now, it seems it’s somebody else entirely.

Maura West plays Ava Jerome on 'General Hospital.'
  Valerie Durant / ABC

The preview for Thursday’s show indicates Ava will also end up at the pier to meet the mysterious text sender. She will also be shocked to see who arrives, and she will tear into him. While she was initially prepared for someone dangerous to arrive, her reaction as she confronts the person indicates she’s not all that afraid.

One theory that has popped up is that it’s Scott Baldwin behind this. Whoever it is who meets with Ava is wearing a gray suit, and it seems to match what Scott wore when he met up with Bobbie during Wednesday’s episode.

Scott hasn’t been seen much lately, and it was entirely out of left field for him to meet up with Bobbie and have her break up with him. They haven’t been played up as a couple at all recently, and he seemed flustered and distracted as he faced Bobbie’s wrath. He’s Franco’s father and close to Elizabeth, so it’s not a stretch to see how he could be involved in this.

“Scott as the one who’s blackmailing NAva actually makes sense. It’s classic Scott Baldwin. It’s not like NAva doesn’t deserve it after they tried to destroy Friz’s marriage,” one fan noted on Twitter.

“I wonder if Friz hired Scott to act as the lawyer of the ‘anonymous’ person who took the photos of Niz and Frava?” speculated someone else on Twitter.

It does seem as if Scott is the most likely person on the other end of these conversations with Nikolas and Ava. Did he orchestrate this on his own, or did he coordinate efforts with Elizabeth and Franco? General Hospital spoilers suggest more information will be revealed during Thursday’s episode, and fans are curious to see how this all fits together.