Sarah Houchens Gets Cheeky In A Pair Of Skimpy Shorts Before Powering Through A Legs & Booty Burn

Sarah Houchens snaps a selfie.
Sarah Houchens / Instagram

Sarah Houchens sizzled in a pair of skimpy shorts in the most recent Instagram update added to her feed. The post was shared with her 1 million-plus fans on September 23, and it included one photo and four videos.

The first image in the series captured the model with her backside facing the camera. Sarah posed in front of a stone planter with greenery spilling out of the sides and a massive cactus that towered over her figure. A tall building with glass windows was also able to be seen in the snap. The model looked over her shoulder and met the camera with her gaze as she arched her back slightly and popped her derriere toward the lens.

Sarah opted for a curve-hugging outfit that did her gym-honed figure nothing but favors. She sported a tight bra with thin straps that stretched tightly over her shoulders, leaving her muscular arms on display for her audience to admire. The garment had plastic fasteners that matched the dark pink color of the garment, with one near her shoulder blade and the other in the middle of her back. The piece cut off a few inches above Sarah’s butt, leaving a peek of her bronze back in view.

Sarah’s bottoms were equally hot and left little to the imagination while its light yellow color popped against her allover glow. Sarah wore the waistband high on her hips, accentuating her tiny waist and frame. The leg holes were pulled halfway up her backside, allowing Sarah to flaunt her peachy posterior and shapely thighs. Sarah draped one arm near her side and held a white can, plugging the CELSIUS Energy Drink in the caption.

She wore her blond locks back and in a low braid, and a few loose pieces escaped around the frame of her face. Sarah also rocked a pair of diamond earrings, which provided her workout attire with plenty of bling. In the four videos shared in the post, Sarah powered through a leg and booty burn while showing off her bombshell body in the same ensemble.

Fans have not been shy about showering the sexy update with praise. More than 15,000 social media users have clicked the “like” button, and 290-plus left compliments for the star.

“Totally love your workout routines!!!! Your exercises are so doable and your form seems so fluid. I’m hooked!!!” one fan gushed, adding series of flame emoji to the end of the comment.

“YOUR legs look AMAZING,” a second fan pointed out.

“Wow! Quite the workout! Looks like it has some cardio as well!” another chimed in.

“Absolutely So GORGEOUS,BEAUTIFUL & HOT,” one more gushed with a few flame and peach emoji.