Shawn Johnson Tells Daughter Drew She's 'Freaking Adorable' In New IG Share

Shawn Johnson told her daughter Drew Hazel East she was "freaking adorable" in a new Instagram post. The former Olympic gymnast and Dancing with the Stars mirrorball winner shared the upload with her 2.7 million followers, who appeared to agree with her assessment.

"She's looking more and more like you! She is adorable!!! And what a hot mama!" commented one follower.

"I loooove how she looks exactly like you and exactly like Andrew at the same time, what a cutie," wrote a second fan.

"You look gorgeous! Motherhood looks great on you!!" penned a third Instagram user.

"Thought this was an ad for Pillsbury...Look at those rolls," quipped a fourth follower who noted the infant's adorable baby fat on her thighs.

In the photo, Shawn was seen as she stood behind her little girl. She held her daughter atop a round table in what appeared to be the family's Tennessee home.

Next to Drew's feet were a pair of gold-toned sandals.

Shawn looked stunning in the photograph. Her blond hair, which she normally wears in a straighter fashion, was wavy. Pulled away from the sides of her face and secured in the back, the style made her appear younger than her 28 years. She wore a pretty, light-colored, short-sleeved patterned blouse. Shawn paired that with dark blue jeans. Her gorgeous engagement and wedding rings were seen on her left hand.

Drew sported a sleeveless gray onesie with a colorful graphic across the chest. A purple headband was on her head, while her legs and feet were bare.

Shawn and her daughter posed in what appeared to be a kitchen area of the home they share with Shawn's husband, Andrew East.

Next to the table, a light-colored cushioned club chair was seen. Behind the duo, light-colored walls dominated the space. A set of double doors led outside to a patio area. Wood floors in a golden hue were seen throughout the home.

The color scheme continued throughout the living area in the home. A wall hanging that had several wood tones and the letter E for the family name was seen next to the door. A series of large windows behind the sofa flooded the area with natural light. A set of tan window treatments hung from a black rod. A standing gold lamp had an oval lampshade in an oat color. Family photos were seen in a wall cutout in the casually decorated room, finishing off the space.