'RHOBH' Star Kyle Richards Stuns Fans With Wild Story About Seeing Her Mom's Stolen Ring On A Psychic's Finger

Kyle Richards freaked fans out with a bizarre update on her stolen jewelry. On the Real Housewivesof Beverly Hills "Secrets Revealed" special, the veteran Bravo star shared a wild story that wasn't addressed on Season 10 of the reality show.

Fans may recall that in late 2017, Kyle's Encino, California, home was robbed while she spent the holidays in Aspen with her family. The burglary resulted in the loss of more than $1 million in jewels and purses, some of which were family heirlooms that once belonged to her late mother, Kathleen.

On the RHOBH special, Kyle revealed she was later looking on Instagram and stumbled upon a photo posted by actress Diane Keaton. The pic was of a woman with super long, black fingernails and several large rings on her fingers. Kyle immediately spotted what appeared to be one of her missing jewels on the woman's hand.

She later reached out to a rep for the Annie Hall actress and found out Diane had simply taken the picture of the fortune teller's hands because she thought they were interesting. The photo was taken on a promenade in Santa Monica.

Kyle revealed she went so far as to hire a private investigator to look into the case. There was also footage shown of her and pal Teddi Mellencamp patrolling the area in search of the mysterious fortune teller. She admitted her detective work didn't result in any findings and she put her search on hold to film the horror movie Halloween Kills in North Carolina.

The Real Housewives star added she would like to continue her search for the ring-wearing psychic and ask her if she bought the piece at a pawn shop. Kyle also offered to buy the ring back from the woman if she is ever found.

Kyle Richards on Watch What Happens Live.

On social media, fans reacted to the crazy story.

"Looks like Kyle's found the ring thief," one viewer tweeted alongside a screenshot of Diane Keaton's photo.

"Why was this whole storyline about [Kyle Richards] ring and the psychic not included on the show? It's so much more interesting than the bickering," a fan tweeted.

"Hoping you find your ring and other stolen goods soon. Someone will see tonight's episode and speak up. Keep the faith," a third person wrote on Twitter.

But another viewer disagreed that the television exposure will help the Bravo star locate her missing piece of jewelry.

"Don't think [Kyle Richards] will ever get that ring back now that psychic lady knows she's onto her. Good edit. NOT," another Twitter user wrote.

Kyle previously told People it was extremely painful to lose the precious jewelry items that were left to her by her mother, who died in 2002. The mom of four said she had planned to give the family heirlooms to her own daughters someday.