Instagram Model Sophia Diamond Shows Serious Cleavage In A Tight Top While Having A Picnic

Sophia Diamond posts a selfie on Instagram
Sophia Diamond / Instagram

Instagram star Sophia Diamond put her curves on display while looking effortlessly gorgeous for her latest update. In the pics, she was photographed wearing a body-hugging sports bra that embellished her assets while she laid down outside.

The Russian-born beauty had not posted on the social media platform in over a week, but gave fans plenty of eye candy with this two-photo set. She was shot enjoying a picnic in the park for the throwback images that were taken early in the summer, according to the caption.

Diamond laid down on a red and white checkered blanket on the grass. The sun could be seen shining down around her, but the social media influencer took refuge in the shade. A picnic basket with bags of chips inside, a package of gummy candies, juice boxes, and bottled drinks sat on the blanket.

The model had her long, golden blond hair parted in the middle and tied back as it bunched behind her head. She wore a small white sports bra that had a plunging neckline and thin shoulder straps. Her nude-colored strapless bra was visible from the side. Diamond accessorized with small earrings.

In the first snap, she had her head in front of the basket and placed her hands on her midsection. The influencer kept her eyes closed and had a smirk across her beautiful face. She stayed in the same spot for the second slide, but that time she lifted her right hand to her forehead as she looked directly into the camera. Viewers were given an eyeful of her ample cleavage and flat stomach in the revealing outfit.

For the caption, Diamond mentioned the pictures were taken back in the summer when she was “thriving” and said she currently was not doing well. She asked followers how they were doing and added sparkles and a peace sign emoji before uploading the snaps on Wednesday.

Many of the model’s 1.2 million Instagram followers flocked to the post and nearly 75,000 showed their approval by hitting the like button. Diamond received more than 460 comments as well. Her replies were peppered with heart and heart-eye emoji. Fans complimented her and left responses to the caption.

“How can u be this cute? Give me some tips,” one follower wrote.

“All of a sudden starting this week I have nothing to do for work…wish I was thriving with a picnic in the park!” added another.

“You’re stunning sis,” a third fan replied, along with two heart emoji.

“Well it’s been tough..but I try my best!” remarked a fourth person.

This was hardly the first time Diamond flaunted her figure for her fans in summer wear. As covered by The Inquisitr, last month, she showed off her curves in a small white bikini.