Tammy Hembrow Causes A Stir In Pigtails & Pink Booty Shorts

Tammy Hembrow attends the Discount Universe front row during New York Fashion Week
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Tammy Hembrow generated a lot of heat with her latest Instagram post. The blond bombshell put her insanely fit physique on full display as she promoted some new sets that would soon be made available with her sportswear line.

The pair of photographs uploaded on Wednesday afternoon featured Hembrow wearing pigtails and several garments in pink and white. A tight crop top covered a cropped sports bra and matching booty shorts graced the Australian model’s lower half. A pink purse and white socks and sneakers completed the look, and people went wild over this sexy-yet-sweet vibe.

The 26-year-old social media influencer flaunted her curvy backside in the first photo of her post. She looked over her shoulder as she threw the photographer a sultry look, and she positioned herself to prominently showcase her pert derriere. The second photo featured Hembrow from the front and her flawless, tanned skin looked incredible from head to toe.

The second photo showed Hembrow resting her booty on a ledge made of bricks, and she propped one foot up against the bricks as well. She braced herself with one hand, and her forearm butterfly tattoo was visible. She bent her other arm up to her chest as she let the purse hang over her elbow.

The buttons of the white crop top strained against Hembrow’s busty assets, and the scoop neck of the Saski sports bra revealed a bit of cleavage.

The pigtails and girly hues of her outfit brought forth a major girl-next-door feel. However, the peek of Hembrow’s chiseled abs and shapely legs definitely radiated a sexy vibe.

“YOU ARE A FREAKIN GODDESS,” one of Hembrow’s fans raved.

“Those shorts are everything,” one person declared.

Hembrow has 11.6 million followers on Instagram, and these snapshots received about 73,000 likes in just one hour. More than 400 supporters commented during that first hour as well, and the blond beauty’s sultry vibe was clearly a massive hit.

“You look gorgeous as usual,” another supporter praised.

“Loving the high-school look,” someone else noted.

Those who follow Hembrow’s updates know that she regularly embraces workout gear or various garments in an array of pink hues. She teased that her Saski line was bringing some favorite shades in new styles soon, and she left quite the impression on everybody with her curvy display of these pieces.

The Aussie knows just how to tease her fans with flirty poses, as these new photos prove. Hembrow tends to be her clothing line’s best model, and it looked as if many of her fans would be rushing to check out these upcoming styles as soon as they were released.