Michelle Lewin Updates Fans On Husband Jimmy’s Health Crisis, Shares Precious Photos From The Hospital

Michelle Lewin and Jimmy Lewin attend the 2016 MAXIM Hot 100 Party
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Michelle Lewin shared a new update on her husband Jimmy’s condition Wednesday afternoon via her Instagram page. From the looks of things, the situation has improved significantly day by day, and the couple’s supporters were thrilled by the note and photos.

Almost two weeks ago, Michelle stunned her millions of fans by revealing that Jimmy was hospitalized. His condition seemed dire, but a couple of updates since then have revealed that he’s been fighting hard to survive. It sounded as if he was not necessarily out of the woods yet, but Michelle’s new update seemed filled with hope and gratitude.

The new upload included a lengthy caption written in Spanish, along with two photos. The initial picture showed Michelle by her husband’s bedside in the hospital where he remained connected to quite a few tubes. She leaned on the railing of her husband’s bed and looked down at him lovingly.

The second snapshot was more encouraging. Jimmy was awake and sitting up, and Michelle put an arm around his shoulder and nuzzled her face into his cheek. He smiled slightly and the love and relief she felt for him were obvious.

According to Google Translate, Michelle’s caption noted that it had been two weeks of this incredibly difficult situation. She had previously noted that the first three days of this were terrifying, and she reiterated that in this new post.

Michelle revealed that during those first few days, the doctors had said there was nothing that could be done to help Jimmy. Apparently, they said that only a miracle could pull him through and she temporarily lost all hope and faith.

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Su diagnóstico de entrada fue: falla hepática aguda, falla renal aguda, insuficiencia cardíaca con aneurisma de aorta ascendente y disección arterial -Han pasado 14 días de esta terrible situación, todo esto ha sido muy difícil y no me salen palabras de la cosas que he vivido especialmente los tres primeros días cuando mis esperanzas y FÉ se fueron de mi cuerpo, y más aún escuchando a los doctores diciéndome que no hay nada que hacer, que solo un milagro puede ayudar a jimmy salir de esto. Pero la fuerza de jimmy ha sorprendido a todos, y algo muy importante: todas las oraciones de cada uno de ustedes???????? Dios nos está escuchando, no tengo la menor duda. Hace 4 días su hígado comenzó a reaccionar y desde hace tres días sus riñones también, aunque con ayuda de la diálisis pero en estos momentos llevamos dos días que no se hace. Quiero contarles que hoy, estoy viendo ese rayito de luz en esta oscuridad. Por que sus valores de la sangre y plaquetas están llegando a la normalidad, y apenas esté en condiciones podrá ir a Cirugía cardiotorácica ⭐️Sodio: subio de 133 a 135 (VN 135 a 145 mEq/L) ✅. Ya en valor normal ⭐️Bilirrubina: bajo de 6,8 a 5,4 (VN 0.1 a 1,2) ✅ ENZIMAS HEPÁTICAS siguen bajando! ⭐️AST bajo de 90 a 71 (VN 10 a 34)✅ ⭐️ALT de 374 a 303 (VN 5 a 60). ✅ ⭐️Creatinina: igual 2,6 (VN 0,7 a 1,3) ⚠️ No le han hecho diálisis en 3 días. Están dando chance al riñón para que haga su trabajo ⭐️Glucosa: bajo de 118 a 115 (VN por debajo de 100) TIEMPOS DE COAGULACIÓN: ⭐️TPT no lo midieron (VN 25 a 35 seg). Última vez estaba en 29. ⛔️ ⭐️INR (TP) bajo de 1,7 a 1,54 (VN 0,9 a 1,3) ✅ ⭐️PLAQUETAS: subieron de 143.000 a 169.000 (VN 150-300 mil). ✅✅✅ Están normales!!!! Fracción eyección del corazón: 25% (normal es 60%) ¡Sigamos orando! Muchas gracias Quiero agradecer a cada uno de ustedes, a mi familia, a mis amigos, a los doctores y enfermeras gracias a todos desde lo mas profundo de mi corazón! @jimmy_lewin

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Since then, however, Jimmy’s strength had started to pull him through this crisis. Michelle credited all of the prayers she had requested throughout this difficult situation, and she noted that she felt certain God had listened.

Jimmy’s liver started to heal and his kidney function improved as well. He had not needed dialysis for a couple of days and his blood and platelet values were normalizing. Apparently, Jimmy will need cardiothoracic surgery, but the doctors were waiting for him to regain more strength and further stabilize.

Michelle shared a list of various medical measures that demonstrated how much things had improved. She asked people to keep praying, and she thanked everybody for all of the support they had provided.

The Venezuelan fitness model has 13.7 million followers on the social media site, and many immediately responded to this positive update. During just the first 45 minutes after Michelle had posted this, around 240,000 fans liked the upload and 15,500 people also commented.

“I know Jimmy will get back to good health and the two of you will be stronger than ever!” commented one Instagram supporter.

“This news nearly made me cry of joy [heart emoji] hope everything goes well,” someone else wrote in an Instagram comment.

It appears that the pair has millions of supporters rooting for his recovery, and everybody will be anxious to see additional updates.