‘General Hospital’ Recap: Nelle’s Fate Is Revealed, But Fans Aren’t Necessarily Convinced

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Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital revealed a juicy tidbit regarding Nelle Benson that has fans buzzing. She hasn’t been seen since her fight with Carly Corinthos and her fall off the cliff, but supposedly, her status has been determined. A body has been found, and it is supposedly hers. However, fans were not necessarily convinced.

“Yeah right. Like we’re actually supposed to believe that Nelle is actually dead. At this point the girl may as well be Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers bc she always comes back,” wrote one General Hospital fan on Twitter in response to this development.

Toward the end of Wednesday’s show, just as Carly was about to come clean with her husband, Sonny Corinthos, and best friend, Jason Morgan, a call came in. Jason was told by his contact at the PCPD that Nelle’s remains had been found. This was especially stunning news for Carly, given that she and Jasper “Jax” Jacks had hidden the truth about exactly what happened ahead of that fall.

Is she really gone? General Hospital spoilers suggest that more information will be revealed during Thursday’s episode. According to SheKnows Soaps, Detective Harrison Chase will pay Carly a visit, and it seems likely he will have additional questions about that fateful night at the cabin.

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Will this discovery lead to any evidence linking to Carly? The two women battled before the fall happened, and Carly did try to save her nemesis. However, Jax convinced Carly to leave out the details on those final moments, feeling certain that the police would doubt that she was telling the truth.

If Nelle really died, that would probably be good news for Carly. It means that nobody can come back and contradict her version of what happened. Unless, of course, the authorities found something questionable when they found her body.

What happens with the storyline about Nelle being Nina’s daughter if this dead body is really her? General Hospital has been building up to this reveal for a very long time, and some find it hard to believe that Nina will learn the truth after her daughter has already died.

“What is the point of revealing Nelle as Nina’s daughter if she’s dead? Yeah, I don’t believe that’s Nelle’s body. There’s a twist coming,” another fan said on Twitter.

While it is possible that General Hospital truly killed her off, it looks like the consensus is that there’s likely a twist ahead. Did someone orchestrate having someone else’s remains planted to make it seem that she had died? Will an autopsy definitively confirm that it’s really Nelle who was found?

“Hmm.. pretty sure #Jax had #Nelle killed or somehow paid to have it faked,” another fan speculated on Twitter.

The only thing that viewers can be confident about at this stage is that there is more to come. Avery found Nelle’s necklace in the woods and Sonny spotted it, which means that Carly is sure to find out about it soon.

Nina and Jax have been digging around to figure out where the other half to her piece ended up, and General Hospital spoilers signal that this could soon lead to big problems. Whether or not she is really gone for good, all signs point toward more chaos tied to her in the weeks ahead.