Joe Biden’s Mental Health ‘Far Exceeds’ Donald Trump’s, Experts Claim

Joe Biden gives a speech.
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In a Wednesday piece for Raw Story, three mental health professionals, clinical psychologist Alan D. Blotcky; Seth D. Norrholm of the Wayne State University School of Medicine; and psychiatrist John M. Talmadge, argued that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s psychological fitness “far exceeds” Donald Trump’s.

“No mental health professional has spoken out about Biden’s psychiatric status,” the piece began. “We believe it is important to make a statement now since the presidential election is only weeks away.”

The report noted Biden’s long-spanning political career and national visibility over the last 12 years, which it said provides a wealth of material, such as interviews, tweets, and speeches, that can be used to assess his mental state.

“As best we can tell, Joe Biden does not show evidence of a psychiatric condition. There is no evidence in the public domain that he has a major mental illness. There is no evidence that he has a severe personality disorder. There is no evidence that alcohol or substance abuse is a problem. There is no evidence of serious cognitive dysfunction.”

According to the trio, Biden’s “only diagnosis is chronic stuttering.” The piece concluded by recommending that all presidential nominees undergo a neuropsychiatric evaluation to ensure the absence of mental illnesses such as significant cognitive decline or personality pathology.

The conclusion echoes a previous group of experts that said Biden’s mental status is not a concern while at the same time warning of Trump’s declining mental health, per Yahoo News.

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As The Inquisitr reported, Blotcky previously claimed that Trump suffers from a psychiatric disturbance that is a significant threat to American democracy. The doctor warned that a Trump win in November would pave the way for the president to continue his purported transformation of the U.S. into a dictatorship within an autocracy.

Talmadge has also spotlighted Trump’s purported mental issues. Notably, the professor and physician at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center claimed that the president is not able to think abstractly and strategically and is limited to one-dimensional terms.

Biden’s mental state has been questioned throughout his time on the campaign trail. As reported by CBS News, he denied taking a psychological test during an interview with network correspondent Errol Barnett last month.

As for Trump, he claimed in July that he took such an examination and “aced” it. Although Trump didn’t specify which test he was referring to, he previously took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment to test for signs of psychological issues such as dementia.