Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas & Ava Are Rattled

Marcus Coloma stars as Nikolas on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show suggest that viewers may learn more about the mystery photographer behind the pictures that are rattling Nikolas and Ava. The two were both flustered when they received texts showing them each kissing Elizabeth and Franco, respectively, and fans are anxious to know who snapped the photos. In addition, teasers indicate that a number of developments with other characters will be incorporated into Wednesday’s airing too.

According to General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Molly will be struggling with guilt as Stella pops up to check in on TJ. Jax will be feeling guilty over something while Sonny receives some support from Lulu. Jason gets a potentially upsetting phone call, and viewers can expect to see Carly, Scotty, Brook Lynn, and Chase at various points too.

The sneak peek for the September 23 General Hospital episode teases that Ava will give Nina a look at the text that she received. Nina will be stunned as Ava spells out that somebody saw her sharing that smooch with Franco. Elsewhere, Nikolas will visit the pier and it appears that he will meet someone there. He’ll voice some surprise and frustration over who arrives.

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst star on 'General Hospital'
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

Could it be that Elizabeth and Franco coordinated this? That has been one theory among General Hospital fans, but it’s not known for certain yet whether that’s what happened. During Tuesday’s episode, Franco approached Liz and noted that they needed to talk, but then viewers were left hanging from there.

General Hospital spoilers detail that during Thursday’s show, Liz and Franco will argue over finances. Does that mean that the two aren’t responsible for the kiss photos, or will their upcoming conversation cover a range of topics? If it wasn’t Franco and Elizabeth who coordinated having those pictures snapped, who did?

Some General Hospital viewers have wondered if Nik’s son, Spencer, might be responsible. It certainly could be that he is keeping tabs on his father and trying to take control of this messy situation. However, given that he’s not in Port Charles, it is tough to imagine he’d have been able to coordinate getting pictures taken of impromptu meet-ups he didn’t orchestrate.

From the sounds of things, there will be a lot of uncertainly swirling in Port Charles during Wednesday’s episode. TJ and Molly are trying to plan their commitment ceremony, and Stella will offer to officiate. However, Molly’s one-night stand with Brando continues to rattle her.

Sonny has questions about the necklace Avery found near the cabin, and General Hospital teasers suggest that this could lead to big developments soon. Carly may be tempted to tell Jason what really happened in the woods with Nelle, but that phone call he receives may interrupt her.

There are numerous bombshells about to drop in Port Charles and fans will get some new nuggets of information during the September 23 show. General Hospital spoilers hint that juicy moments are coming soon and viewers won’t want to miss what’s ahead.