Brooke Shields, 55, Slays In Black Bathing Suit & Teases A Vision Coming To Life

Brooke Shields attends the 8th Annual New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Actress and model Brooke Shields shared a trio of photos via her Instagram page Wednesday morning that generated a lot of love from her followers. The brunette uploaded the black-and-white images featuring her posing in what appeared to be a black one-piece bathing suit and suggested these were part of a bigger project.

Brooke posed on a lush lawn near some flowers. The first photo showcased her long, shapely legs as she sprawled across the grass. Brooke looked over her shoulder toward the camera with a sultry expression as she posed for the shot.

The bathing suit was fairly modest, but it still allowed Brooke to beautifully highlight all of the curves of her fit physique. The initial upload showed her with her toes pointed and fans were given a glimpse of her pert derriere.

While the first upload was all about Brooke’s endless legs, the second snapshot featured the 55-year-old beauty in a different way. She was still stretched out on the grass, but this time the photograph was taken from the front. She leaned on one arm while she held her other hand up to her face and she looked serene as she gazed off past the photographer.

A hint of the curve of Brooke’s bum could be seen in this shot, but the focus was on her face and the confident vibe she gave off. The final photo of the series featured Brooke on her side, a strap of her bathing suit pushed off of her shoulder. She held her face next to a large flower and appeared to have her eyes closed as she took in the beauty of the setting.

In her caption, Brooke tagged her friend and former supermodel Helena Christensen and referenced a project they’ve been putting together. Another recent post from Brooke had a similar reference. In this case, she said she had been working on bringing a vision of hers to life. By the looks of things, her fans were eager to learn more.

“Always gorgeous!!!” one fan declared.

“Both you and Helena seem frozen in time. You obviously lead a very healthy and proactive lifestyle because you’re every bit as stunning as you were at the beginning of your career,” a supporter praised.

“Absolutely beautiful. Hope there are more, thanks for sharing,” detailed another supporter.

“Age is just a NUMBER. still GORGEOUS inside and out,” someone else raved.

Around 17,500 people liked this post of Brooke’s during the first couple of hours after she first shared it. About 350 fans commented as well, and it seemed her supporters were feeling quite anxious to learn more.