Laura Amy Gets Sultry In A Tiny Black Bikini

Laura Amy takes a selfie
Laura Amy / Instagram

Laura Amy took to her Instagram page on September 23 to share a titillating update with her fans. The Australian model flaunted her bombshell curves in a tiny two-piece swimsuit from Oh Polly Swim.

Laura was snapped indoors, clad in her scanty ensemble. She stood at a side angle with her right foot forward. She placed her hands on the white table in front of her as she gazed at the camera with a sultry expression on her face. Behind her was a hallway and a door. Notably, the sunlight that illuminated the room made her shine.

Laura sported a black bikini that included a minuscule top with fully lined, triangle-style cups. The thin straps stretched over her shoulders, highlighting her lean arms. The plunging neckline displayed her decolletage, and the snug fit of the garment pushed her breasts upward, making her cleavage pop. A small heart charm was seen on the top, particularly in between the cups.

The bikini bottoms that she sported boasted a low-cut waistline that exposed plenty of skin and helped to accentuate her taut stomach and flat abs. Her pose also showed the curves of her round posterior. The swimwear was held in place by a thin waistband that secured around her small waist. It featured a high-cut design that helped to accentuate her lean thighs.

Laura left her highlighted locks down and styled in sleek, straight strands. She wore an orange bandana over her hair and several accessories, including a pair of hoop earrings, a thick gold bangle, and a green Prada bag.

In the caption, Laura wrote something about her risque outfit. She also tagged Oh Polly Swim in the post.

The newest share received a lot of love from her avid fans. In less than a day, the post has received more than 9,000 likes. It also pulled in over 270 comments. Many of her social media admirers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on her jaw-dropping display. Others struggled to find the right words to express their feelings for the model. Instead, they opted to drop a mix of emoji.

“You are a vibe. I live for your style. I aspire to have a body like yours. You are so beautiful,” one of her followers wrote.

“You are such a hottie! The vibe is at an all-time high,” echoed another fan.

“You look like sunshine in paradise. A truly remarkable woman,” a third Instagram user commented.