Elizabeth Hurley Explains Why Fans May See Some Changes In Her Bikini Pictures From Now On

Elizabeth Hurley poses on the red carpet.
Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

Elizabeth Hurley’s fans may notice some changes in the bikini pictures she shares on social media.

The actress-turned-swimsuit designer opened up on Tuesday about a friend’s battle with skin cancer, saying it has led her to make some changes about the way she takes in the sun. The 55-year-old has enjoyed something of a second career as a social media influencer and model for the bikinis that her Elizabeth Hurley Beach line produces but said that she is now taking extra precautions to stay safe while outdoors.

Speaking to Grazia (via the Daily Mail), the actress said that she wishes she had stayed in the shade more often and taken better care of her skin but is ready to do those things now.

“I regret ever sunbathing and now use SPF30 and wear a big sunhat,” she shared. “I’ve lost count of how many of my contemporaries have had cancerous cells removed.”

It could be quite a change for Hurley, as the Daily Mail noted that she has amassed an estimated net worth of more than $50 million due at least in part to her swimwear fashion work. Hurley’s fans are used to getting regular bikini pictures showing her sunbathing in tropical locations across the globe. She has spoken openly about her fondness for travel and spending time outdoors, though she said recently she came to appreciate the quieter life forced on her by the COVID-19 crisis. Hurley told Grazia that she found lockdown “liberating” because she did not have to panic about deadlines or work emails.

Hurley said she also found ways to get outside during the stay-at-home period, noting that she used the time to catch up on some outdoor projects and enlisted some of those around her to help with the work.

“I loathe staying indoors when it’s good weather, but I’m lucky to have some land, so I did at least 40 hours’ manual labor a week and bullied everyone else into helping me,” she said.

There was something of a lull in her social media during this time as well, with fewer bikini pictures than past summers. Some of the shots appeared to show Hurley’s new approach to taking in the sun, with some recent photos showing her safely tucked away in the shade while outside. Others appeared to be taken later in the day, with the actress posing on the beach with the setting sun behind her.