Lyna Perez Flaunts Major Sideboob Wearing Strapless Cut-Out Cover-Up

selfie of Lyna Perez
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Model Lyna Perez took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon with a stunning display of her famous assets, as she was barely clad in an unusually designed ensemble that got a quick reaction from her 5.4 million followers. The post racked up over 20,000 likes in the first half-hour after it was uploaded.

Lyna’s prolific presence on her social media page shows her in myriad smoldering looks, and the newest addition did not disappoint.

She wore a strapless top with a slender band that encircled her rib cage just above her bust, which transitioned into two strips of fabric that extended downwards across her breasts and attached to a second band around her waist. A tantalizing amount of sideboob spilled out from both sides, creating curving lines of definition beneath both orbs of soft flesh.

Sheer panels of matching fabric flowed from the upper section of the garment — one from the center of her torso, and two on either side that she swept back to expose the outline of her tantalizing booty.

The piece featured a black background, upon which a vibrant tropical pattern was printed. Yellow and orange tiger lilies and various other flowers were visible amid a collection of bright green palm leaves.

She appeared to wear a basic black bikini bottom underneath, which rested high over both hips to display the maximum amount of bare skin. The outline of a scorpion was visibly tattooed on her right hip.

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Lyna posed facing the camera with her body angled slightly to one side. She stood with her legs apart — her left thigh drifted between the lightweight fabric and she was bathed in sunshine. Her back was arched and her hips were cocked toward the camera, which emphasized the swell of her voluptuous hips and derriere in comparison with her slender waist.

Lyna threw her chest back and let both of her arms relax at her sides. Her right forearm draped behind her rear end so as not to conceal her enticing figure.

Gentle sunlight made its way through the trees above and dappled her bronzed skin. Her delicate collarbone and striking features were particularly highlighted, as was a portion of her bare midriff in between the front pieces of her cover-up.

As reported by The Inquisitr just a few weeks ago, Lyna teased fans in a sultry post in which she got soaking wet in an outdoor shower and untied her string bikini top, flinging part of it into the air.