‘General Hospital’ Recap & Spoilers: Dante’s Given His Mission & Questions Regarding His Confinement Emerge

Dominic Zamprogna plays Dante on 'General Hospital'
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During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Dante Falconeri was put to the test. He will soon head back to Port Charles and tackle a new mission, but spoilers hint that this could get messy on multiple fronts. Viewers have been speculating for a while now regarding who the target of this upcoming assignment could be, and some additional hints emerged during the September 22 show.

According to SheKnows Soaps, General Hospital fans can expect to see Dante back in Port Charles this fall. Spoilers indicate that he will arrive back home just as the romance between his ex-wife, Lulu Spencer, and her current beau, Dustin Phillips, heats up. Some people have wondered if Dustin could be hiding something big, and now it seems that may very well be the case.

Tuesday’s episode showed Dante exploding when his doctor told him that the opportunity to return to Port Charles while digging around for the WSB had been rescinded. Shortly after he blew up, he was told that he had just been put through a test of sorts. Despite concerns regarding whether or not he was truly ready to handle returning home, he was given a folder with details about his upcoming mission.

Previously, he had been told that this investigation would involve someone with a close connection to him. General Hospital followers have considered plenty of theories, but nothing definitive had been revealed. People did not get to see who was referenced in the file, but that didn’t slow down a fresh round of speculation.

Fans did not miss the fact that right after Dante started to review the file he was given, the action shifted to a scene focused on Brando Corbin. Is Brando the target? The two men are both related to Sonny Corinthos, so that would match the teaser about this being someone Dante’s connected to in some sense.

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Ever since Brando suddenly arrived in town, General Hospital viewers have had a hunch there was more to his story. He may not be the one who will be the focus of Dante’s next gig, but it would seem to fit what’s been teased previously.

“INTERESTING. Could Brando be Dante’s target? Or just going to him was a coincidence?” one viewer mused on Twitter.

Dante’s physician was seen talking to someone about the situation toward the end of Tuesday’s show. Viewers weren’t shown who was on the other side of this conversation, and that prompted some additional speculation.

“I wonder if this person this doctor is working for is the same person who has Holly…so help me god if it’s Peter, that’s dumb!” someone questioned.

“I wonder who the doctor was talking to about Dante’s mission. Frisco Jones??? Kim Delaney’s character???” another person wondered.

Other names that popped up on Twitter after this intriguing development included those of Jerry Jacks, Helena Cassadine, and Cesar Faison.

If there is a connection between Dante and Holly both being held, that could mean something much bigger than General Hospital fans had envisioned. It certainly seems like more than a coincidence at this point, and it might be a hint that a massive bombshell of sorts is about to drop.

How soon will people get answers? General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal anything else juicy about what’s on the horizon with this, but everybody seems intrigued and anxious for more.